Cyber Security

UK Cyber Schools Program Will Deploy Teenagers Against Hackers; Addressed Lack Of Cyber Security Experts

UK government counters potential shortage of cybersecurity experts by launching Cyber Schools Program which gives extensive mentoring modules to extracurricular clubs.

Cyber Security February 15, 2017

How To Level Up Safety And Protection Online This 2017

Protect yourself online by following these simple but effective steps.

Cyber Security January 3, 2017

FDA News: New Security Guidelines For Pacemakers

The FDA recently released new security guidelines for medical devices including pacemakers to prevent their hacking.

Cyber Security December 30, 2016

Sony PlayStation network back up after DDoS attack, flight carrying company executive diverted over bomb scare

The Sony PlayStation network has resumed activity after hackers took it down with a DDoS attack. Attackers also made a bomb threat that diverted a flight carrying a senior Sony executive.

Cyber Security August 25, 2014

Apple iPads, MacBooks excluded from government procurement list as U.S. – China relations worsen over cyber-security

China has reportedly excluded a total of 10 Apple devices such as iPads and MacBooks from its latest government procurement list, citing cyber-security concerns.

Cyber Security August 7, 2014

Apple’s iPhone is a ‘national security concern’ for China, as cybersecurity woes worsen

State-run China Central Television (CCT) has called Apple's iPhone a 'national security concern,' deepening cybersecurity woes between China and the U.S.

Cyber Security July 12, 2014

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