Dallas Court Starts Trial Of $2B Lawsuit Filed By ZeniMax Claiming Oculus VR Stole Key Technology

The Oculus Rift VR headset is at the center of a $2-billion legal battle after the gaming company that developed it claims Oculus stole key technology from the company.

Facebook January 13, 2017

Facebook Fixes Bug That Drains Battery And Heats Up Devices

Facebook has resolved a glitch on its servers that affects the battery of the phones.

Facebook January 12, 2017

Facebook And Messenger Drasticly Drains Your Battery Life; Here's What You Need To Do

Facebook and Messenger is currently draining your battery as Vice President of Messaging Products from Facebook, David Marcus acknowledges the issue.

Facebook January 12, 2017

Asia’s Snapchat-Clone ‘Snow’ Is Claiming 40 To 50 Million Users Monthly

Snow, asia'a Snapchat-like app, claims to have 40 to 50 million users on a monthly basis.

Facebook January 4, 2017

Facebook News: Asia-Pacific May Help With The Platform's Plan of Monetizing Apps

Facebook is looking to monetize messaging apps as more and more people use these networks for business purposes. Asia-Pacific just may be the key to boost the social media platform's plan.

Facebook January 4, 2017

2016 Top 10 Most Popular & Most Used Smartphone Apps: Facebook, YouTube & Google Dominated The List

Nielsen releases a survey for 2016 top 10 most popular and most used smartphone apps.

Facebook January 3, 2017

WhatsApp End Support For Old Operating Systems Still Running On Selected Mobile Platforms; Possible New Features Coming [VIDEO]

WhatsApp will not be functioning anymore on selected mobile platforms that are running old operating systems. This is to pave way for new features that the messaging app is planning to deploy ---- urging old OS users to upgrade the newer versions.

Facebook January 3, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg Says Religion Is 'Very Important!' Reveals He 'Questioned Things'

Mark recently said that he had questioned the idea of religion and various religious beliefs for a while and now that he feels that religion is an important aspect of every man's life.

Facebook January 3, 2017

Facebook And Google Are The Most Popular Apps In 2016

Facebook remains the most popular app in the year 2016

Facebook December 29, 2016

'League of Angels II' Reaps Best Web Game Award from Facebook: Fanbase Grew into Massive 200 Million Players

As if four previous endorsements were not enough, "League of Angels II" reaped another accolade after being named as among 2016's Best Web Games by social media network Facebook.

Facebook December 27, 2016

2016 Top Free Apps For iPhone & iPad: SnapChat, Facebook Messenger & Niantic’s Pokemon GO Among Most Popular For 2016

People love to connect and it shows in the data of top 2016 free apps for Apple devices which includes a host of messaging and photo sharing applications.

Facebook December 27, 2016

Avast Reports: Facebook App Greedily Drains Battery; Causes Sloppy Smartphone Performance

Avast software revealed in a report the lists of applications that causes the highest level of battery drain and slow device performance.

Facebook December 26, 2016

Study Shows That Taking a Break from Facebook Can Boost Your Mental Health

Study finds that after a week of quitting Facebook, people’s mental health is considerably improved, and their feelings of envy somewhat alleviated.

Facebook December 26, 2016

Facebook And Other Companies Are Making Chatbots As 'Human' As Possible

Chatbot are no being made to be as real as humans by companies.

Facebook December 24, 2016

Instagram Live Rolls Out Its Version Of Facebook Live For Windows 10 And Mobile

Instagram Live rolls out for Windows 10 and mobile devices

Facebook December 24, 2016

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