iOS 8

iOS 8 HealthKit-based apps pulled from App Store at the last minute over unspecified bug

Apple has temporarily pulled all HealthKit-based apps from its App Store due to unspecified issues, marring the launch of iOS 8.

iOS 8 September 18, 2014

‘Move content from your Android phone to iPhone’ guide released

Apple has released its latest iOS 8, as well as a comprehensive guide entitled 'Move content from your Android phone to iPhone' to help ease the transition.

iOS 8 September 17, 2014

iWatch to run third-party apps, SDK already seeded to select developers

Apple has reportedly started seeding a SDK to select developers so that its upcoming iWatch is able to run third-party apps.

iOS 8 September 8, 2014

Apple planning two fall launch events: iPhone in September, iWatch in October

Apple has reportedly been gearing up for two events this fall, one in September and the other in October, where it should unveil its iPhone 6 and iWatch, respectively.

iOS 8 July 25, 2014

Apple’s WWDC 2014 and iOS 8: Top 7 exciting new features

Apple has unveiled its next-generation iOS 8 mobile operating system at WWDC 2014, so here are the most exciting features the new version will bring to the table.

iOS 8 June 3, 2014

iOS 8 running on iPhone 6 larger screen spotted in leaked screenshot

Apple's next iOS 8 has allegedly leaked in an intriguing screenshot, showing how the OS will look like on the larger screen of the upcoming iPhone 6.

iOS 8 May 5, 2014

Apple to integrate Shazam into iOS 8, allowing users to ask Siri what’s playing?

Apple reportedly plans to bake Shazam into its upcoming iOS 8, allowing users to simply ask Siri what song is playing without having to download or even open the app.

iOS 8 April 17, 2014

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