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Apple Highlights Built-in Camera & Apple Pencil In 2 Twitter-Based Video Advert

Apple goes full steam in its marketing campaign for the speculated launch on a new line of iPad Pro tablets in March by releasing two Twitter-based video ads after it released four similar adverts in February.

iPad Pro March 4, 2017

Mac Pro 2017: Tim Cook Raises Hopes Of Its Pro Users Amidst MacBook Pro Backlash [VIDEO]

Tim Cook recently addressed concerns centering on Apple's rumored decision to oust the MacPro line during a Q&A session at Apple’s annual shareholder meeting.

iPad Pro March 2, 2017

Revamped iPhone SE & Refreshed iPad Pro Coming in March; How Can Samsung, Nokia & Top Brands Respond?

Apple fans anticipate that the Cupertino tech giant is ready to launch several new products as early as March.

iPad Pro February 24, 2017

Huge Discounts On iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2 & Apple Watch Are Indicators That iPad Pro 2 Would Be Released Soon

Up to $150 price cuts are being offered on three models of the Apple iPad Pro tablet which leads to speculation that the Cupertino-based tech giant would roll out the iPad Pro 2 in March on the first anniversary of the iPad Pro's release.

iPad Pro February 8, 2017

Apple iPad Pro 2017 Specs and Features: Next Tablet Could Have 10.5-Inch Display and A10X Chipset

A new size variant could be introduced by Apple for the iPad Pro 2 which is anticipated to come out this year.

iPad Pro February 7, 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro News: New Competition In Tablet War After Windows Device Beats iPad Pro

The two-sided tablet war between Apple's iPad Pro and Microsoft's Surface Pro could turn into a three-way battle with the launch on Feb. 12 of the Samsung Chromebook Plus.

iPad Pro February 7, 2017

Apple 2017 iPads: Apple iPad Pro 2 Sporting A 7.9-Inch Display Likely To Oust iPad Mini 5?

Rumors are rife about Apple's decision to dump its iPad Air and the iPad mini series. Other reports claim a 9.7-inch iPad Pro mini will be released instead of the rumored iPad mini 5.

iPad Pro February 4, 2017

iPad mini 5 News: No More iPad mini 5? iPad Pro mini Could Take 7.9-Inch iPad’s Place

The rumored iPad Pro mini could replace the iPad mini 5.

iPad Pro January 20, 2017

iPad iOS 9 Multitasking: Apple’s 10.5” iPad Will Allow Full Height Apps Side By Side

Apple is reportedly launching a 10.5-inch iPad to allow for iOS 9 multitasking.

iPad Pro January 18, 2017

Chromebook Pro, Plus To Go Head-To-Head With Surface Pro, iPad Pro Despite Huge Price Difference

Tech experts have conluded that Samsung's Chromebooks are the best "Android tablet replacements."

iPad Pro January 17, 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro vs iPad Pro 4 Specs & Features: Which is More Superior? Windows 10 Functionality Takes on Fast iOS

When choosing the best tablets available, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Pro are the first two devices that come to mind.

iPad Pro January 16, 2017

iPad Pro 2 News: Using The Pythagorean Theorem, Someone Has Figured Out What Size The Next iPad Pro Will Be

The iPad Pro 2 will likely feature a 10.5-inch display, Studio Neat designer Dan Provost says.

iPad Pro January 16, 2017

Apple iPad Pro 2 Sporting A 10.5-Inch Display; New iPad Mini 5, iPad Air 3 To Arrive In 2017 [VIDEO]

Apple is reportedly on the brink of announcing an iPad Pro 2017 with a 10.5-inch display. The Cupertino tech firm is also planning to revamp the iPad Mini and the iPad Air lineup by equipping the devices with new powerful processors.

iPad Pro January 14, 2017

Apple iPad Air 3 Release Date Still Unknown; Series Could Be Killed Off In Favor Of Smaller Models

Multiples news reports have pointed out that the 9.7-inch iPad Pro could be Apple's replacement tablet for the iPad Air 3 series.

iPad Pro January 12, 2017

MacBook Air 2017 Might Discontinue Air Line Surfaces; What We Know So Far

Because of the problems of the MacBook Air line and the supremacy of the iPads, the possibility of Apple not continuing the production of MacBook Air units is imminent.

iPad Pro January 11, 2017

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