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Google Pixel C vs iPad Pro Review: Is The Apple Device The Best Buy Option For You?

The Google Pixel C and the Apple iPad Pro have certain outstanding specs like IPS display, Retina panel, huge battery, enhanced storage capacity, and much more. Below we have pitted both the gadgets against each other in order to help you choose the best buy option.

iPad Pro November 29, 2016

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S vs Apple iPad Pro vs Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Review: Which Tablet Will You Choose?

Three of the tablets reportedly are the best among all tablets are the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, Apple iPad Pro, and Sony Xperia Z4. If these are the leading tablets, then which is the best among the best?

iPad Pro November 27, 2016

iPad Pro vs iPad Air 2 Review: Which Is The Better Apple Device? Specs & Features Comparison

Here is a comparison of the specs and features of the iPad Pro and the iPad Air 2 to determine which is the rightful Apple frontrunner.

iPad Pro October 16, 2016

LG G Pad X vs iPad Pro Review: Which Is The Best Buy Option? Specs, Features Face-Off

Our LG G Pad X vs. Apple iPad Pro report has highlighted the excellent individual specs of the two devices. This comparision is intended to reveal the features of the two tablets which can help you to choose the best buy option based on your requirements.

iPad Pro September 26, 2016

Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro Review: Did Microsoft Beat Apple In Tablet Wars?

Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro reports showcased their tough competition owing to different specs.

iPad Pro August 24, 2016

iPad Pro 9.7 vs iPad Mini 4 vs iPad Air 2: The Battle Of The Apple Tablets

While all of these devices are from Apple, a number of consumers are still unsure which among the iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Mini 4, and iPad Air 2 is the best deal.

iPad Pro July 18, 2016

Microsoft Surface vs iPad Pro: Which One To Buy?

iPad Pro can be considered as one of the best tablets in the market. However, if you are not a fan of the iOS and love Windows or Android, you might want to try out Microsoft surface.

iPad Pro July 9, 2016

iPad Pro 2 Release Date Rumors: Apple Tablet To Be Launched This Fall?

Although there have been no confirmed reports for release date of iPad Pro 2, it is highly anticipated that the iPad Pro will be launched in Apple's annual fall event.

iPad Pro July 6, 2016

Apple’s future iPads, including 12.9-inch iPad Pro, to boast oxide TFT (IGZO) displays

LG DIsplay has reportedly invested in expanding oxide TFT displays for Apple's next-gen tablets, including the much-rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

iPad Pro April 7, 2015

Purported iPad Pro to sport 12.2-inch display, iPhone-like thinness?

New information has surfaced regarding the purported iPad Pro, claiming that it would sport a 12.2-inch display and be as thin as an iPhone.

iPad Pro November 3, 2014

Apple to launch 12.9-inch iPad Pro in early 2015

Apple has been rumored to have a 12.9-inch iPad in the pipeline for quite some time, and a new report now claims the iPad Pro will make its debut in early 2015.

iPad Pro August 27, 2014

Apple to launch refreshed iPad Air in 2014, but no new iPad Mini or 12.9-inch iPad Pro

A well-known analyst has claimed that Apple will only launch an upgraded iPad Air this year, with a new iPad Mini and 12.9-inch iPad Pro to debut in 2015.

iPad Pro February 16, 2014

Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro development reportedly accelerated after Samsung’s 12.2-inch PRO tablet unveilings

Apple has reportedly accelerated the development of its much-rumored 12.9-inch iPad, as Samsung has already launched large 12.2-inch PRO tablets.

iPad Pro January 20, 2014

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