Samsung Confirms Galaxy S8 In New Patent; First Look At Smartphone’s Real Exterior Shows Dramatically Reduced Top & Bottom Bezels

Samsung's Galaxy S8 series will have dramtically reduced top and bottom bezels.


iPhone News: An Emoji Message Bug Crashes Your Smartphone

iPhone crashes when received a message of three-character combination emoji.

iPhone January 20, 2017

Apple AirPods Specs & Features: Wireless Earphones Won't Fall Off from Your Ears, Apple Proves

Apple has just proven to its fans and users that the Apple AirPods won't just simply fall off from one's ear.

iPhone January 17, 2017

Samsung Gear S3 Tips & Tricks: Gear App Now Available On iOS; How To Download & Install

The Samsung Gear S3 can now be used with iOS devices like the iPhone.

iPhone January 14, 2017

Here Are The Best Games For Your iPhones

Here are the best game for your iPhone.

iPhone January 12, 2017

iPhone iOS 10.3 Update Could Introduce Cinema Mode; Battery Bug Fix Also Expected

A cinema mode could be introduced in the next major iOS update but fans are also clamoring for a fix in the battery problem which drains an iPhone's power.

iPhone January 11, 2017

Paid iPhone Apps That Are Now On Sale For Free, Includes Runtastic, Weather Gods & Continual

Some of the Paid iPhone Apps That Are Now On Sale For Free!

iPhone January 10, 2017

iPhone 7 News: Apple Probably Isn’t Making A ‘Jet White’ Variant; Older Model Was Used In Beats By Dre Ad

The iPhone in the controversial Beats By Dre ad is not an iPhone 7.

iPhone January 9, 2017

Apple iPhone 2018: Next Year's iPhone Might Come Out As The Fastest Smartphone Ever

Apple iPhone 2018: Next Year's iPhone Might Come Out As The Fastest Smartphone Ever

iPhone January 7, 2017

Xiaomi’s Mi TV 4 Is Thinner Than Mi Mix & iPhone; Equipped With Dolby Atmos Surround Sound

Xiaomi's Mi TV 4 challenges the super-thin TV that LG unveiled at this year's CES.

iPhone January 7, 2017

TCL Competes Against iPhone & Samsung with Smartphone Using BlackBerry Tech, Physical Keyboard

BlackBerry may have shied away from continuing their keyboard-studded smartphones but a China-based company TCL plans to take away the idea after acquiring its rights.

iPhone January 6, 2017

Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone 7 With These Gizmos; Wireless Charging Feature For iPhone 8 May Have Been Confirmed By Energous

There are ways to mimic wireless charging on the iPhone 7.

iPhone January 6, 2017

Samsung Readies iOS Support For Gear S2, Gear S3 and Fit 2; Samsung Gear S App Coming Soon

Samsung fulfills promise to provide iOS support for its Samsung Gear S2, S3 and Gear Fit 2.

iPhone January 6, 2017

Google Pixel Tips: How To Transfer Data From Your Old iPhone To Pixel

It’s really easy to transfer data from your iPhone to your new Google Pixel.

iPhone January 5, 2017

9 Helpful & Enjoyable 'iPhone' Apps That Were Priced But Free For Download Now

Save money by downloading these free 'iPhone apps' rather than buying it. These apps are both helpful and convenient for use depending on the person's need and preferences.

iPhone January 4, 2017

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