MacBook Air

MacBook Air 2016 October Release Set To Salvage Apple Sales? MacBook Pro, iMac To Be Launched As Well?

If the Mac gadgets see an update this year, it could attract a the much-desired attention it was waiting for, and hit the market again - expecting higher sales and better customer feedback.

MacBook Air

Vintage Apple List: End Of The Line For iPhone 4, MacBook Air

Apple will discontinue its support for the iPhone 4 and the Mac Book Air 2010 from October 31 onwards.

MacBook Air October 20, 2016

MacBook Air: Latest News, Release Date, Specs, and More

Regardless of the way that the MacBook Pros are route superior to the Airs, many fans are additionally hoping to see the most recent Air since it will without a doubt be spending plan friendlier than the Pro.

MacBook Air October 13, 2016

MacBook Air vs Razer Blade Stealth Review: Can Razer Blade Stealth Take Away the MacBook Air Market? Specs & Features

The current trend when it comes to laptops is to have thinner even designs with absolutely powerful and efficient components. With innovative technologies such as fanless designs and Core i-series processors, many competitors are able to provide the systems having these features. One of the best laptops of 2016 has been the Razer Blade Stealth and we thought of checking it out against the 2015 MacBook Air.

MacBook Air October 9, 2016

MacBook Air 2017: What We Know So Far; What To Expect

What dow we know of the upcoming MacBook Air? What do we expect out of it? Here is all that you need to know.

MacBook Air October 7, 2016

MacBook Air Specs, Release Date Rumors Round-Up: What We Know So Far

The upgraded version of the MacBook Air is expected to be launched soon with some radical changes onboard like the Retina display, Apple Pencil, and much more.

MacBook Air September 28, 2016

MacBook Air 2016 News: Apple To Announce Major Updates, Including New Feature USB Type-C

Amid numerous leaks hinting at a new Apple Watch, a new MacBook Pro and the new iPhone 7 surfacing online, not even a single update of the MacBook Air seems to be stirring the conversations among MacBook enthusiasts.

MacBook Air September 6, 2016

MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro 2016: Apple To Scrap Air Series? MacBook Pro To Sport 5K Thunderbolt Display?

Apple might scrap the Air series. Reports claimed that the US tech giant will focus more on the MacBook Pro laptop in order to update its specs and redesign it completely.

MacBook Air August 6, 2016

MacBook Air 2016 Rumors: Apple Laptop No More? Will MacBook Pro Fly Solo?

As consumers continue to wait for MacBook Air 2016 updates, a new report appeared to have already confirmed the rumors hinting at its discontinuation.

MacBook Air July 28, 2016

MacBook Air 2016 To Be Released In August?

With the success of Apple’s 11 inch and 13 inch MacBooks, which were released last year, Apple is all set to deliver products with minor updates and a possibly more powerful central processing unit encased in lighter and thinner shells.

MacBook Air July 23, 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 To Feature Metal Injection Molding Hinges

MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to sport thinner design with an early release date

MacBook Air June 9, 2016

Leaked Image of New MacBook Pro Hints At Touch ID Sensor And 4 USB Type-C Ports

Few leaked images showcase exceptional features in the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016.

MacBook Air June 6, 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 Might MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date Delayed Till Q4?

The new MacBook Pro 2016 features have been predicted by a securities analyst in a new report.

MacBook Air May 25, 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 Might Feature Skylake CPU And New Mac OS; To Be Unveiled At WWDC in June?

The new MacBook Pro from Apple is expected to feature high-end processors and new operating system

MacBook Air May 19, 2016

Apple to quietly release MacBook Air refresh on Feb. 24?

Apple has not updated its MacBook Air lineup since April 2014 and a new report now claims the company plans a quiet refresh for Feb. 24.

MacBook Air February 9, 2015

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