Mozilla looking to overhaul Firefox OS smartphone strategy with new ‘Ignite’ initiative

Mozilla has apparently decided that it's time to change its Firefox OS strategy and focus on compelling features as well, not just affordability, with a new 'Ignite' initiative.

mozilla May 24, 2015

Firefox Hello makes video calls easier with no third-party accounts, services, or plugins (VIDEO)

Mozilla has released its Firefox 35 complete with Firefox Hello, allowing users to make video calls without needing any third-party accounts, services, or plugins.

mozilla January 15, 2015

LG Fx0 hitting KDDI as beefiest Firefox OS smartphone yet, sports translucent body

LG has teamed up with Japanese carrier KDDI to launch the beefiest Firefox OS smartphone to date: meet the transparent LG Fx0.

mozilla December 24, 2014

Mozilla’s Firefox OS devices ready to reach Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific

Mozilla has announced that it has reached new agreements to expand its Firefox OS devices to Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. The company also aims to launch new devices and new categories.

mozilla July 18, 2014

Mozilla shows off Firefox Launcher for Android, boasting adaptive contextual app search

Mozilla has previewed the Firefox Launcher for Android it created in collaboration with EverythingMe to provide a smart home screen replacement.

mozilla February 6, 2014

Mozilla Firefox OS tablet prototype specs officially revealed – What to expect

Mozilla has received the first Firefox OS tablet prototype from Foxconn and has unveiled the slate's specifications.

mozilla January 20, 2014

Firefox 22 brings support for web video calls, 3D gaming, and Unreal Engine 3

Mozilla Firefox 22 is bringing advance 3D gaming to the web with Unreal Engine 3.

mozilla June 28, 2013

Mozilla Firefox OS Developer Phones Sell Out Hours After Going On Sale

Mozilla Firefox OS developer smartphones prove to be in tremendous demand

mozilla April 24, 2013

Mozilla OS To Launch In Five Countries This Summer, U.S. Not Until 2014

Mozilla's Firefox OS will make its initial debut in five countries this summer, with six additional countries to follow

mozilla April 16, 2013

Mozilla Firefox Prepares Extra 'Do Not Track' Options

Mozilla's Firefox 21 beta aims to provide more user choices for the controversial 'Do Not Track' setting, offering a new approach to DNT implementation.

mozilla April 7, 2013

Mozilla Firefox 20.0 Now Available: Sports Per-Window Private Browsing, Seamless Download Manager

The new Mozilla Firefox 20.0 is now up for grabs, and it brings notable changes: a Chrome-like private browsing experience, a Safari-like download manager and new plug-in options.

mozilla April 3, 2013

Mozilla Firefox Won’t Return To iPhone, iPad Unless Apple Relaxes Restrictions

Mozilla is not looking to develop an iOS version of Firefox browser due to Apple's strict third-party browser rules.

mozilla March 11, 2013

Firefox Won't Come to iOS Unless Mozilla Can Use Own Rendering Engine

Firefox on iOS is a long way off from being reality, as Mozilla is hampered by not being able to use own code.

mozilla March 10, 2013

Mozilla Announces Firefox Marketplace Details For Firefox OS

A platform is only as good as the apps available to run on it and Mozilla announced at Mobile World Congress that it will include the Firefox Marketplace when it releases its mobile operating system to partners.

mozilla February 25, 2013

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