Firefox 22 brings support for web video calls, 3D gaming, and Unreal Engine 3

28 June 2013, 4:43 pm EDT By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

Mozilla has announced the availability of Firefox 22, the latest update to the company's popular open source browser. This version of Firefox brings quite a lot of BananaBread goodness to the masses, which is basically a 3D First Person Shooter that runs through the browser on the web.

According to Mozilla in its latest blog post, the latest stable release of Firefox brings to the table HTML5 based 3D gaming, video calls, sharing files on the web, and Epic's Unreal Engine 3 support. The good thing about some of these new features, is that they do not require a plug-in, which is something web browser developers have been trying to avoid for quite some time. Advancements have been made in this space but still users are being asked to download a plug-in for the most trivial of things.

"Firefox allows developers to create amazing high-performance Web applications and enables video calls and file-sharing directly in the browser, all without the need for plugins or third-party software. What has been difficult to develop on the Web before is now much easier, faster and more fun," Mozilla's blog post read.

To achieve the ability to make Skype-like video calls from Firefox 22 without a plug-in, Mozilla has added support for WebRTC, which gives the browser access to the webcam and microphone. Furthermore, the company has also implemented support for WebGL, Emscripten, and asm.js to help accomplish these feats. This is pretty advance stuff that should propel Firefox as the browser of choice for many web users who want a seamless experience without the need for always downloading a plug-in.

In addition, Mozilla announced cross browser support the web-based video calling feature between Firefox and Chrome. The company did not specify whether or not support for Internet Explorer and Opera Browser will come in the near future, but for now, the wait-and-see game will have to be played a little while longer.

To get your hands on Firefox 22, click here or click Help > About Firefox from the browser's main menu and then restart the program.

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