Microsoft Surface Pro 5 October Release Set To Overshadow Apple Event? Rumored Specs, Features Here

Microsoft is hosting an event on 26th October, and may put the veil off one of its most anticipated devices - the Surface Pro 5. This October could finally be the month that fans have been waiting for to get an official look at what the much-awaited Surface Pro has to offer.


Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs, Features No Different From Surface Pro 4? Release Date Set This Month?

Microsoft has announced an event later this month, with an invitation teasing their customers" to see whats next for Windows 10," but has considerably failed to give any weight to rumored reports of its surprise agenda of launching all new and improved much awaited Microsoft Surface Pro 5 along with speculated All-in-Once desktop PC.

Microsoft October 19, 2016

Microsoft Surface Phone To Carry Lumia's Torch And Compete vs Apple, Android Phones? What We Know So Far

While iOS and Android phones continue to dominate the market despite the presence of the Lumia, Microsoft is bringing in reinforcements through the Surface phone. Will this be enough to bring in tough competition?

Microsoft October 14, 2016

'ReCore': Devs Try To Save Game With Massive Update And 30-Minute Free Trial; Xbox Boss Reacts To Negative Reviews

The once highly anticipated platformer "ReCore" has failed to live up to its hype, and the team at Comcept and Armature Studios are now scrambling to keep the game afloat.

Microsoft October 13, 2016

Microsoft Surface Book 2 October Release Unlikely; 2017 Launch With Surface Pro 5 More Possible

Microsoft is soon to host a Windows 10 event. Will it bring any news for the Surface Book 2?

Microsoft October 12, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumors: 2017 Release Date On the Cards? Device To Sport New Intel Chipset With Upgraded Windows OS?

According to the latest rumors, the release date of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to be happening in early 2017.

Microsoft October 5, 2016

Review: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Microsoft Lumia 950

Let's have a look at what Samsung and Microsoft have to offer in their flagship devices.

Microsoft September 24, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumors: October Release Date All Set? Tablet To Ship With 4K Display?

The latest rumors about Microsoft's upcoming Surface Pro 5 hinted that the tablet will be released before the end of this year.

Microsoft September 13, 2016

'ReCore' Release Date Scheduled For Next Week; Here's What You Need To Know About The Game

It is only a week away from the launch of Xbox-exclusive action-adventure game "ReCore." Here's what you need to know about Microsoft's new IP ahead of its release date.

Microsoft September 6, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs, Release Date Rumors: Device To Sport Surface Pen With Alkaline AAAA Battery?

The latest rumors about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 hinted that it will sport many new excellent specs like the new Intel processor, Surface Pen, and 4K HD display as compared to its predecessor Surface Pro 4.

Microsoft September 1, 2016

Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro Review: Did Microsoft Beat Apple In Tablet Wars?

Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro reports showcased their tough competition owing to different specs.

Microsoft August 24, 2016

Windows 10 Redstone 2 Build To Feature Enhanced OneCore; Insider Preview To Be Released This Week

Windows 10 Redstone 2 Build will not feature many new changes

Microsoft August 10, 2016

Keiji Inafune's 'ReCore' Only Has A $40 Price Tag At Release, Microsoft Explains Why

The action video game title "ReCore," one of Microsoft's heavy hitters this year, will be sold for only $40 at launch.

Microsoft August 9, 2016

'Xboy' Handheld Cancelled Due To 'Lack Of Bandwidth,' Xbox 360 Almost Called Xbox 3, Says Former Chief

Microsoft previously considered dipping its hand into the handheld device race, according to previous Xbox chief Robbie Bach.

Microsoft July 27, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 To Sport Rechargeable Stylus And Enhanced Battery

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to feature exceptional specs compared to its predecessors despite similar design and keyboard features.

Microsoft July 21, 2016

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