PS4 & Xbox One S Bundle Deals For February 2017 is Here! $50 Savings Await Console Buyers This Week

Microsoft and Sony bring bundle deals to PS4 and Xbox One S this week. Gamers can take advantage of discounts to get the console and games like "Halo Wars 2" and "Uncharted 4" at low prices.


Tweet Hints of Project Scorpio Unveiling at Microsoft E3 Briefing on June 11

Microsoft's unveiling of Project Scorpio moves one step closer as company tweets about the E3 2017 event.

Microsoft February 18, 2017

Microsoft Users Will Be Vulnerable To Attacks As It Delays ‘Patch Tuesday’ For A Whole Month; What Could Be The Reason For Such A Long Delay?

Microsoft announced that it will delay is security patch for the month of February until March 14. See the possible reason for the long delay.

Microsoft February 17, 2017

Microsoft Announces ‘Windows Insider Program For Business’ Which Takes The Windows 10 Testing In A Corporate Environment

Microsoft is looking to push its Windows 10 testing to a corporate setting with its latest program "Windows Insider Program for Business."

Microsoft February 17, 2017

Xbox Scorpio Unveil May Happen On June 11 E3 Microsoft Xbox Press Conference

Microsoft Xbox announced via its twitter page that it will be having its 2017 E3 press conference on June 11. The video game company hinted about a possible Xbox Scorpio news by using an image of the Scorpio as a background to its announcement.

Microsoft February 16, 2017

Microsoft Fixed Windows Driver Issues By Backdating Drivers to 2006; Hardware ID, Timestamp & Version Number Explained

Given the recent rants from Windows users that their machines won't upgrade into the latest drivers, Microsoft did a weird solution - backdating all drivers, event recent ones to June 21, 2006.

Microsoft February 14, 2017

‘Forza Horizon 3’ Sells 2.5 Million Units, Whole Series Passes $1 Billion Marketing Sales [VIDEO]

Microsoft's racing series “Forza Horizon 3” continues to soar as it sells 2.5 million units.

Microsoft February 14, 2017

Windows 10 Updates and Features: Picture-in-Picture Support Coming to Operating System This April; What We Know So Far

A new update for Windows 10 will make it easier for users to multitask.

Microsoft February 12, 2017

Microsoft Reveal Screenshot Of The Upcoming Windows 10 Project Neon

Microsoft reveal a screenshot of the new Project Neon during its developer conference.

Microsoft February 10, 2017

‘Halo 5: Guardians’ Classic Helmet DLC Req Pack Launches Today, See All 9 Here

Unlock 9 helmets taken from "Halo’s" history, restructured and boosted for use by the next-generation of Spartans, with the Classic Helmet Req Pack.

Microsoft February 10, 2017

‘Killer Instinct’: New Details For Its Ultimate Finishers Unveiled; Official Release Date On Feb. 14 [VIDEO]

Microsoft has revealed their big addition of super elaborate, thumb-spraining Ultimate Finishers to “Killer Instinct” game’s combatants.

Microsoft February 8, 2017

Microsoft Xbox One Preview: Update Features Surround Sound For Headphones

This update is a welcome addition to those who like to play the XBox One with headphones.

Microsoft February 8, 2017

Apple, Google, Microsoft And Intel Among The 97 Tech Firms Against President Trump’s Executive Order Barring Immigrants From Seven Countries

97 tech companies has filed a letter in court to express their disapproval of President Trump's executive order barring immigrants to enter the US from seven countries.

Microsoft February 7, 2017

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5’s Closest Competition Will Be Intel’s 2-in-1 Laptop Hybrid! Detachable Curved Display Is Rumored!

Intel's patented device is rumored to compete with Microsoft's upcoming Surface Pro 5.

Microsoft February 7, 2017

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