'Prey' Latest News & Update: Game Creator Arkane Says The Game Will Work Flawlessly

4 January 2017, 4:40 am EST By Jomst C. Mobile & Apps

The release of "Dishonored 2" for PC was something that players celebrated, though there were some performance issues. The game worked fine on high-end machines. But, when gamers played the game on mid-range PC's, they experienced mouse stuttering, frame rate drops, and some other issues. Updates and patches have resolved the majority of the issues, but the launch day experience was unforgettable for eager players.

On the brighter side, Rafael Colantonio, Arkane co-creative director, said in an interview with Game Informer, that lessons have been learned, and the next release of the studio, "Prey", will do much better at release.

Rafael Colantonio said that they had a rough time during the PC launch of "Dishonored 2". During the development, the team did not know what to expect, generally on PC, since there are numerous configurations and combinations. He also said that even if it's unfortunate, it already happened, it got released, got updated and fixed and now runs really well. After that experience, the studio is now paying double attention to making things sure this time that the PC version is working flawlessly.

When asked about how the studio will prevent goof-ups on the launch day of "Prey", Colantonio said that this time there will be more QA time. He also mentioned that the new game runs on a different engine and the constraints are different. In the case of "Dishonored 2", the engine used was new, though based on "idTech", most of it has been changed. In the case of "Prey", they will be using the "CryEngine", an engine that has proven its worth. Nonetheless, the studio is now aware of PC issues, this time around they are making sure of things.

Though promises sometimes are made to be broken, it's reassuring to hear that the studio is keeping a closer eye on things, especially "Prey" following a game that made a negative mark on players. The game's preview was released recently and it's expected to come out sometime in the early half of 2017.

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