Google Chrome Update 2017: Security Upgrade is Vital; Why You Need to Get Latest Browser Version

12 February 2017, 8:40 pm EST By Nens Mitchell Mobile & Apps

Google Chrome users are reminded that old versions of the browser will not anymore be supported by Google. This is definitely bad news for those still using Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Google Chrome V55

According to News18, Google Chrome would prompt version 53 users to upgrade to version 55. This browser upgrade comes with vital security features when surfing different web pages.

Users still on Windows Vista and Windows XP are running on Google Chrome version 49 and are now encouraged to upgrade to the newer versions to avoid security threats. Aside from this, their usage of Gmail will also be limited.

TechRepublic also noted that Google has also released warnings for users on Gmail to avoid potential phishing of their personal data. The company assured older Chrome users that Gmail will still work properly on their version of Chrome though they are at risk of getting viruses.

Malware protection

In addition, Forbes explained that every new version of Google Chrome aims to protect the browser and its users from potential security threats. If not updates will be made, Google cannot do anything if something risky affects the system.

If an upgrade is not possible, it is suggested that users should consider using or purchasing a Chromebook. This will also ensure that all information on the Internet are protected and not exposed to any threats.

Support for virtual reality

Just recently, Economic Times reported that Chrome has also introduced VR support for the browser. Daydream users can already use their virtual reality headsets when browsing web pages.

Among the exciting virtual worlds that users, especially young ones, can explore are palaces, museums and homes of famous celebrities. There will also be animated items offered to Google Chrome users who use VR headsets. What other improvements do you want for the browser?

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