Apple iPhone 8 Rumors

Apple iPhone 8 Renders Throws Light On Rumored 'Function Area' [VIDEO]; See Release Date, Specs & Rumors Roundup!

Looks like Apple plans to keep details about the next iPhone a.k.a. the iPhone 8 under wraps till the day it finally arrives. However, new renders hint at the potential of the device's ‘function area.’

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors May 4, 2017

iPhone 8 Release Date Pushed Back To October Or November? A Bunch Of Surprising New Details About The New iPhone Leaked Online [VIDEO]

Looks like the long-rumored iPhone 8 will not arrive in September this year. Apple could be on the verge of breaking its iPhone release pattern with pushing the launch of the new iPhone to October or November due to supply chain issues.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors April 9, 2017

Apple iPhone 8 Leaks Hint At Radical Cosmetic Overhaul For The Next iPhone [VIDEO]

Apple's next iPhone will arrive this fall if rumors proved to be true. While nothing is set in stone yet, Wall Street analysts are already hazarding guesses about the upcoming devices cosmetic appearance, hinting at a major redesign that includes smaller bezels around the new iPhone's screen.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors April 3, 2017

Apple iPhone X Release Date 2017: Apple's Anniversary Mobile To Boast iPad Pro-Like Display & More [VIDEO]

Now, equipped with true tone display, Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and the 7s Plus smartphones users will have less eye strain when reading on the device.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors April 3, 2017

Apple iPhone 8 Not Likely To Sport Curved Edges? Specs, Price & Other Details Revealed In A New Leak [VIDEO]

Much to the chagrin of those who have been waiting with bated breath to catch a glimpse of the iPhone' new design, there's hearsay that the device will not sport the highly anticipated curved edges, and won't have that Infinity Display effect as previous reports indicated.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors April 1, 2017

The Watch 3 Teases Standalone Mobile Connectivity: Apple's iPhone 8 Could Probably Sport A 3D Camera

Cupertino based tech giant Apple is teasing to reinvent wearable tech for the Watch 3.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors March 31, 2017

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date & Design Rumor Roundup [VIDEO]; Next iPhone Tipped To Sport A Rear Fingerprint Sensor, 3D Sensing AR Selfie Camera & More!

Apple iPhone has leaked once again in the form of new photos that hint at a vertical dual camera setup and other radical design changes.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors March 31, 2017

Apple iPhone 8: Company Working On New AR Features, 'Water Drop Design’ & Curves Expected [VIDEO]

Apple is leaving no stone unturned in the bid to make the next iPhone, a 10th-anniversary worthy device for September launch if rumors running rampant online are anything to go by.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors March 21, 2017

Apple iPhone 8 Features And Price: The 2017 iPhone Likely To Sport Less Dramatic Curve Than Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge? New iPhone's Steep Price Tag Explained!

Much to the chagrin of smartphone lovers who have been restlessly been waiting to catch a brief glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S8's new design, a new report suggests the new iPhone's OLED display curves will not be as drastic as on the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors March 16, 2017

iPhone 8 Launch Date, Design Rumors & Lots More [VIDEO]; Here's What The New iPhone Will Be Called

Much to the chagrin of those clamoring for the next iPhone, Apple has decided to dump its plans to introduce one of the most anticipated design changes on the iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors March 14, 2017

iPhone 8 Latest Rumors: Will Start At 64GB Storage Instead Of 32GB, Adds Facial Recognition Technology

It is speculated that the starting internal storage for the iPhone 8 will be 64GB.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors February 23, 2017

iPhone 8 Specs & News: Apple Developing Its Own Wireless Charging Mechanism With Improved Waterproofing!

As per the latest reports, Apple may be finally introducing inductive wireless charging mechanism in the iPhone 8. It may be developed internally by Apple or the company may sign a deal with Energous.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors January 30, 2017

Apple iPhone 8 With An All Glass OLED Display, Enhanced IP68 Water Resistance To Address iPhone 7's Practical Flaw [VIDEO]; See Details

Multiple reports suggest Apple will unveil the iPhone 8 during its flagship smartphone's tenth anniversary in September. The new iPhone is likely to feature an upgraded water resistance rating compared to the current generation iPhone.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors January 16, 2017

Apple iPhone 8 Needs A Major Design Overhaul To Stay Ahead Of Competition; AR Seems To Be The iPhone’s Future

The Apple iPhone 8 will have an all-glass body with a steel frame. It will also have an edge-to-edge curved OLED Display. The OLED Display was a hit in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge handsets.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors January 14, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone vs Apple iPhone 8: Impossible To Say Which One Will Have The Last Laugh

In order to mark the flagship’s 10th anniversary, Apple CEO Tim Cook is reportedly planning impressive upgrades to the Apple iPhone 8. The Microsoft Surface Phone on the other hand is Microsoft’s way of returning to the smartphone industry with a bang.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors January 14, 2017

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