Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft Surface Phones May Look Nothing Like Regular Phones; See Details

Contrary to latest reports that have been indicating that Microsoft has dropped its plan to launch the Surface Phone, it looks like the Redmond-based tech firm is indeed working on the highly anticipated device, which according to Satya Nadella will not look anything like a conventional iPhone killer.

Microsoft Surface Phone May 5, 2017

Microsoft Windows Phone Will Not See The Light Of Day As It Decides To Step Away From Phones This Quarter [VIDEO]

Much to the dismay of those who have been clamoring for a new Surface Phone, it looks like Microsoft is in no mood to invest more time and money in on Windows phone, but has deviated its focus on a new project.

Microsoft Surface Phone May 3, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Release Date Seems Highly Unlikely; Here's Why [VIDEO]

Microsoft is reportedly gearing up for its May 2 spring event; however, multiple sources claim that the company will not announce the long-awaited Surface Phone or the equally anticipated Surface Pro 5 at the event.

Microsoft Surface Phone April 19, 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 & Surface Phone Highly Unlikely To Launch At Microsoft's Upcoming Event; Here's What's More Likely To Make An Appearance Instead [VIDEO]

Amidst the lack of an official announcement regarding the product Microsoft will be unveiling at its big spring event on May 2, there's hearsay that the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Phone will not make an appearance despite multiple rumors hinting at the devices' looming launch.

Microsoft Surface Phone April 18, 2017

Breaking Down Microsoft's May 2 Event: Why The Surface Pro 5 Does Not Matter

May 2 might not be the perfect time for a new Surface Pro device.

Microsoft Surface Phone April 17, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date Rumor Roundup [VIDEO]; Microsoft's 'Ultimate Mobile Device' Will Not Be A Phone?

While smartphone lovers believed that Microsoft's 'ultimate mobile device' would be the long-awaited Surface Phone set to be released at Microsoft's upcoming May 2 event, sources close to the company's plan say that highly unlikely,

Microsoft Surface Phone April 15, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Latest News: Upcoming Device To Possibly Run On Android

The highly anticipated Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 according to several speculations might be released with an Android operating system.

Microsoft Surface Phone April 14, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone Or Surface Pro 5 Likely To Feature Dual-Sided Screen, Patent Suggests [VIDEO]

A new patent suggests Microsoft is gearing up to launch a device with dual-display, which is likely to make an appearance on the Surface Phone, but the display's features point to a tablet rather than a smartphone.

Microsoft Surface Phone April 6, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone Foldable Concept Unveiled In Microsoft Patent [VIDEO]

A new patent has been discovered that suggests Microsoft is gearing up to launch a new surface Phone with a foldable display.

Microsoft Surface Phone March 27, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone Pushed Back Release; Windows Phone To Launch This Year

Reportedly, the highly anticipated release of Microsoft Surface Phone has been delayed as the company gives priority to Windows Phone to get a 2017 release window.

Microsoft Surface Phone March 22, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Delayed; Windows Foldable Phone To Get An Earlier Release In 2017

The release of the highly anticipated Surface Phone will be postponed this year as Windows Foldable device will be released in 2017.

Microsoft Surface Phone March 18, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date Pushed Back To 2018? Specs & Features Of The Long-Awaited Smartphone Revealed [VIDEO]

Microsoft Surface Phone is not likely to hit the store shelves until late 2018 or 2019.

Microsoft Surface Phone March 15, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 Release Date: A New Microsoft Phone Could Be In The Offing This Year, But Will It Be A Surface Phone? [VIDEO]

Much to the chagrin of tech enthusiasts who have restlessly been waiting to get their hands on Microsoft's Surface Phone 2017, multiple reports suggest the device is highly unlikely to debut until 2018 or 2019.

Microsoft Surface Phone March 13, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date: Windows Mobile OS Below Par Performance To Spell Trouble For The Windows Smartphone? [VIDEO]

Microsoft could be on the verge of dumping its long-awaited Surface Phone in the wake of poor performance of Windows mobile OS.

Microsoft Surface Phone February 25, 2017

Microsoft Surface Phone Specs, Features and Release Updates: Flagship Device Could Be Discontinued; Fans Still Anticipate Release

Though there are reports indicating that the Microsoft Surface Phone could not be released at all, many are still hoping that Microsoft will push through with the handset.

Microsoft Surface Phone February 22, 2017

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