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Google And LG's Nexus 4 Commercials Highlight What's Possible In Android 4.2

Google and LG have released two commercials showing off some of the coolest features of Android 4.2 running on the Nexus 4.

Jimmie Geddes December 20, 2012

Nexus 7 Dock Is Finally Available For Pre-order In The U.S.

The Nexus 7 was launched in July and many people have been waiting since then to get their hands on this dock. The long wait is over, sort of.

Jimmie Geddes December 20, 2012

HTC Cutting Back On New Smartphones And Shipments Of Existing Models?

HTC has gone from being one of the biggest smartphone makers in the world to finding itself losing money every quarter and struggling to compete with Apple and Samsung.

Jimmie Geddes December 20, 2012

All Major U.K. Carriers Have Signed On To Carry BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

Things are looking up for RIM and its upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS and smartphones. In a sign of confidence for the BlackBerry maker, all of the major U.K. cellphone carriers have signed on to carry RIM's next generation smartphones when they are released in 2013.

Jimmie Geddes December 20, 2012

2013 Will Be The Year Of LTE

Three times as many LTE devices will ship in 2013 compared to 2012. It's clear that people have a need for speed.

Jimmie Geddes December 20, 2012

Google Updates Google Play Books Android App With "Read Aloud" Feature And More

Google has updated the Google Play Books Android app with exciting new features. The app can now read out loud, read in a high-quality voice, and users now have the ability to pinch and double tap to zoom in all books.

Jimmie Geddes December 19, 2012

Samsung Knocks Nokia Out Of The Top Spot It Held For 14 Years

When basic cellphones were all the rage, Nokia was the king of the castle. Nokia enjoyed 14 long years of being the #1 cellphone handset OEM. Nokia is still selling a lot of cellphones but as more and more people are buying smartphones, Nokia has been relegated to being the #2 cellphone handset OEM this year. Nokia can thank Samsung for ending its unprecedented long streak.

Jimmie Geddes December 18, 2012

BlackBerry 10: RIM Claims More Than 70,000 Apps Will Be Available At Launch

RIM claims that when it launches BlackBerry 10 there will be over 70,000 apps available. Is that even possible?

Jimmie Geddes December 18, 2012

Google Offers iTunes Match-Like Service For Free

Google has never been shy about entering businesses dominated by Apple. Steve Jobs made it very public that he felt that Android was ripping off the iPhone. Eric Schmidt had to resign from Apple's board over "conflict of interest" in 2009 due to Android and Chrome OS. In 2011 Google made it clear that it would take on one of Apple's most successful businesses, music.

Jimmie Geddes December 18, 2012

Apple Releases iOS 6.0.2 For iPhone 5 And iPad mini

Apple has released iOS 6.0.2 for the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini.

Jimmie Geddes December 18, 2012

Photo Of Sony's Upcoming 5-inch Phablet Yuga Leaked Online

With the popularity of smartphones sporting 5+inch screens and sporting the "phablet" moniker on the rise, Sony is getting ready to enter the market with its very own 5-inch phablet.

Jimmie Geddes December 18, 2012

Latest BlackBerry 10 Leak Shows New UI, Siri-esque Voice Capabilities, And More

The latest leaked build of BlackBerry 10 shows RIM is continually tweaking BlackBerry 10’s UI and adding some impressive new features before it attempts to make its comeback.

Jimmie Geddes December 18, 2012

Rogers Begins Taking Reservations For Unannounced BlackBerry 10 Smartphone

Rogers has begun taking reservations for RIM's first (and unannounced) BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Will customers blindly reserve RIM's next generation and the much hyped smartphone?

Jimmie Geddes December 17, 2012

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