AMD Radeon RX 470 and RX 460 Graphic Cards Confirmed; Affordable Chips For Intensive Gaming

AMD has recently revealed the two newest additions to the Polaris family, RX 470 and RX 460 graphic cards, during the E3 2016 event.

AMD June 14, 2016

'Mirror's Edge Catalyst' News, Review: Experts Reveal Recommended GPU's At Different Graphics Settings

Some gamers have tested how "Mirror's Edge Catalyst" would look at different graphics settings, and here is what they found out.

AMD June 8, 2016

AMD's Radeon RX480 GPU Offers VR Experience for Less

AMD is aiming to bring virtual capable-PC's to mid-range consumers with the new Radeon RX480. The Pol

AMD June 2, 2016

AMD moves from Intel's x86 platform to ARM for servers

ARM to the rescue, as AMD slowly moves away from Intel's x86 platform.

AMD June 18, 2013

AMD rethinks Windows exclusivity, unveils plans to support Android, Chrome OS

Does a low-cost, low-power Android-based PC sound good? AMD thinks it does, and plans to support Android and Chrome rather than remain faithful to just Windows 8.

AMD June 6, 2013

AMD Unleashes Radeon 8900M Mobile GPU: Get It In MSI GX70 Gaming Laptop

Do you enjoy gaming on a laptop? The AMD Radeon 8900M might excite you along with the MSI GX70.

AMD May 16, 2013

AMD Hit The Jackpot With Next Generation Consoles

All three next-gen consoles with AMD components are expected to sell over 70 million units during their lifetimes.

AMD February 27, 2013

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