Anonymous Begins CISPA Protest With April 22 As Internet Blackout Day

Anonymous now calls on websites to black out their front pages on Monday, April 22 to protest against CISPA, as it did in last year's anti-SOPA protest.

Anonymous April 22, 2013

iMessage Security Issue Crashes Developers' iOS Messages Apps

A set of prank texts sent over Apple's iMessage system hit a couple of iOS developers, flooding their inboxes with spam and crashing their iOS Messages apps.

Anonymous March 31, 2013

Burger King With A Hack On The Side: Anonymous Hits Again

Burger King employees have a persistent drug problem, which led to McDonald's acquiring the company - or at least that's what Burger King's official Twitter account announced.

Anonymous February 19, 2013

Federal Reserve Hacked: Fed Confirms Breach Of Web Site Led To Data Leak

The U.S.' central bank has confirmed that cyber criminals managed to steal information from its servers during a hack attack.

Anonymous February 7, 2013

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