iPhone 8 Release Date, Specs Rumors: Device To Sport Revolutionary All-Glass Design With Curved Display?

With the rumors that the upcoming iPhone 7 will be less appealing, next year's Apple iPhone 8 is reportedly all set to sport many new revolutionary features including an all-glass chassis and curved edged display screen.


iPhone 7 To Sport Waterproof Chassis With Headphone Jack?

iPhone 7 Specs Rumors hinted that Apple might include many excellent specs in the new device

Apple August 24, 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 Specs, Features, Release Date Rumors: Everything You Need To Know

With the release date rumors of the MacBook Pro 2016 posted left and right, we have jotted down here all the possible specs and features of the upcoming Apple laptop.

Apple August 24, 2016

Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro Review: Did Microsoft Beat Apple In Tablet Wars?

Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro reports showcased their tough competition owing to different specs.

Apple August 24, 2016

iMac 2016 Update: Device To Sport Powerful AMD Zen Processor As Apple Plans To Ditch Intel Chipsets

The latest rumors about the upcoming iMac 2016 hinted that it might sport an enhanced AMD processor along with its graphics processor.

Apple August 18, 2016

No Macbook Air in 2016? Apple Focusing On MacBook Pro Only?

The recent rumors hinted that Apple might have officially stopped the production of the MacBook Air series.

Apple August 17, 2016

iPhone 8 Specs, Release Date Rumors Round-Up: What We Know So Far

Apple is about to celebrate the iPhone's tenth anniversary next year. With this, the company is expected to incorporate many new specs and features in the upcoming iPhone 8.

Apple August 15, 2016

iPhone 7 Specs Rumors: Apple Device To Sport Pressure-Sensitive Home Button With Front LED?

The upcoming iPhone 7 is touted to sport enhanced specs and features like the revamped home screen button and lack of a headphone jack.

Apple August 14, 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 To Sport AMD Graphics Card With Fingerprint Scanner

MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to be Apple's most innovative notebook till date.

Apple August 11, 2016

Microsoft Lumia 950 vs Sony Xperia Z5 vs iPhone 6s Review: Which Is The Best Buy Option?

Microsoft Lumia 950 vs Sony Xperia Z5 vs iPhone 6s comparison reveals their individual great specs.

Apple August 9, 2016

MacBook Pro 2016 Rumors: Device To Sport OLED Touchbar With MacOS Sierra?

The latest rumors about the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 hinted that the device will sport improved Touch ID functions and a new operating system.

Apple August 9, 2016

iPad Pro 9.7 vs iPad Air 2: Tablets Almost The Same? Which Apple Device Stands Out?

Our Apple iPad Pro 9.7 vs. iPad Air 2 comparison revealed that even though both the devices seem to be almost similar, they do have some significant differences.

Apple August 9, 2016

Apple's iOS 9.3.4 Update Renders Pangu's Latest Jailbreak Ineffective

Apple has recently released iOS 9.3.4, a minor software update for all devices that run iOS 9 to iPhone 4s and newer, iPad 2 and newer, all iPad Pro and iPad Mini tablets and the fifth- and sixth-gen iPod touch.

Apple August 8, 2016

Apple iMac 2016 Update: PC To Sport VR Compatibility After New Polaris 10 GPUs?

The latest update on the upcoming iMac 2016 hinted that it will be VR-ready because of the new AMD Polaris 10 graphic processing units.

Apple August 4, 2016

Huawei P9 vs iPhone 6S Review: Specs, Features, Price Comparison

Our Huawei P9 vs. iPhone 6S comparison which is based on their specs, features, and price showed nothing but a tough competition between the two devices, and an even tougher one compared to others.

Apple August 3, 2016

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