‘Clash Royale’ Goblin Gang Card Guide: Techniques Review; the Best Strategy to Use It in Battle [VIDEO]

Gamers should be able to get the "Clash Royale" Goblin Gang common card by either gaining them through treasure chests or buying them from the in-game store.

apps February 25, 2017

Hatching Eggs ‘Pokemon Go’ Tips & Tricks: GPS Inaccuracy Glitch

“Pokemon Go” GPS inaccuracy glitch is working wonders for some players.

apps February 25, 2017

How Much Money Does It Take To Build A Mobile App Until The Release?

Creation of mobile apps take time, effort, and money to produce good results. The more complex a mobile app, the bigger the costs.

apps February 24, 2017

4 iPhone & iPad Apps Free: February Lineup Available For A Limited Time

Some of the best apps for iOS software are currently free.

apps February 21, 2017

'Pokemon Go' Valentine’s Day Event: Preparation for the Full Gen 2 Evolution; Tips to Catch Rarest Pink Pokemon

The "Pokemon Go" Valentine’s Day event is almost over. For those who haven’t got the Rarest Pink Pokemon (Chansey, Clefables, Porygon) need to get to work and give more extra efforts.

apps February 15, 2017

13th International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) Nominees Announced; Voting is Now Open

Nominees of the 13th iteration of the International Mobile Gaming Awards’ (IMGA) were announced last Thursday. There is a total of 159 android games nominated this year and all mobile gamers are free to vote.

apps February 14, 2017

'Lords of the Fallen' Battle Systems Gameplay Review [Video]; a Remake or a Spin-Off of the Main Game?

CI Games launched its Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) “Lords of the Fallen” on Thursday, February 9. The game is made available to download on Google Play for Android.

apps February 14, 2017

Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day Event: Niantic Hopes to Lure Players to Become a Couple

Pokémon Go is celebrating Valentine’s Day with its latest in-game event. The special Valentine’s Day event runs from 11 a.m. PST February, 8 until 11 a.m. PST February 15.

apps February 10, 2017

Google Maps Get a New Update; Easier to Find Places, Best Application for Commuter

Google began to update their android version of Google Map application. The new update will help users to find their destination faster whether they’re on foot, by car or public transportation.

apps February 9, 2017

Google Play Store Newest Update: New Sorting Method & Separate Update Tabs

Google has been experimenting with the Google Play layout to make it easier finding installed apps on the device. Through its latest update, Google has created a complete revamp of My Apps screen.

apps February 8, 2017

‘Clash of Clans’ Healing Spell Event News &Updates: Witch Training Cost will be Decreased; How to Earn More Experiences & Free Gems

Supercell has released a new update for its game “Clash of Clan.” The latest version will bring in an event named, “The Healing Spell.”

apps February 7, 2017

Facebook Is Reportedly Developing An App For Television Set-Top Boxes, Including Apple TV

Facebook is said to be developing an app for set-top boxes that would bring the social media giant closer to live video and video advertisements.

apps February 2, 2017

Ways Google Play Is Better Than Apple App Store

Here are ways in which Google Play is better than the Apple App Store.

apps January 30, 2017

Paid iPhone Apps That Are Now On Sale For Free, Includes Runtastic, Weather Gods & Continual

Some of the Paid iPhone Apps That Are Now On Sale For Free!

apps January 10, 2017

The Top 7 Health And Fitness App That Will Help You Acheive Your Goals In 2017

Here are the top 7 health and fitness apps according to Forbes.

apps January 10, 2017

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