Counting Calories and Photo Recognition

Take a picture of your food and count your calories with this brand new app!

apps June 4, 2015

Adobe Photoshop Express for Windows 8 might not be for you (Review)

Want a touch optimized version of Adobe Photoshop? Then Adobe Photoshop Express could be for you, or not.

apps June 5, 2013

Facial recognition coming to Google Glass, could trigger more privacy concerns

For those who fear Google Glass, it's time to grab the pitchforks.

apps May 29, 2013

Google and Microsoft team up to bring official YouTube app to Windows Phone

Windows Phone fans can rejoice - the official YouTube app is incoming.

apps May 27, 2013

Microsoft YouTube App For Windows Phone Still Up And Running Despite Google Takedown Notice

Breathe a sigh of relief, Windows Phone 8 fanboys, as the YouTube app is still alive and kicking.

apps May 24, 2013

Seven New Apps Coming To Google Glass: Facebook, Twitter, And Evernote Included

Google Glass is looking like an interesting device to own when it is out of beta.

apps May 17, 2013

IM+ For Windows Phone 8 Now Only $1.99

Want an all-in-one messaging app for your Windows Phone 8 device? IM+ could be what you seek.

apps May 13, 2013

Checked In: New Foursquare App For Windows Phone 8 Optimized For Nokia Lumia Devices

Foursquare for Windows Phone 8 gets much-needed update, optimization for Nokia Lumia

apps May 8, 2013

Hulu Plus Video Streaming App Now Available For Windows Phone 8

Want to watch all your favorite TV shows on the go with your Windows Phone 8 device? You can do it with Hulu Plus.

apps May 8, 2013

Microsoft Makes Fully Functional YouTube App For Windows Phone 8

Thought the official Microsoft YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 was a joke? You won't think so after the update.

apps May 7, 2013

Jack Hale: New Third Person Shooter For Windows Phone 8

Third person shooters are not only found on consoles and PCs: you can get a kick with Jack Hale on Windows Phone for free.

apps May 7, 2013

Mail Plus: File Management App For Windows Phone 8

Need a pretty decent file management app for your Windows Phone 8 device? Mail Plus could do the trick.

apps May 6, 2013

Windows Phone Apps Download Doubled, Revenue Increased

Microsoft might not have much to say about Windows Phone hardware success, but it has a lot to say about the apps.

apps May 6, 2013

Rumor: Google on The Verge of Acquiring WhatsApp for $1 Billion

Google is working its way to grab WhatsApp in what could be the biggest acquisition of the year.

apps April 8, 2013

Twitter For Windows 8 Hands On: Decent App, But Missing Key Features

Twitter for Windows 8 is finally here, but is it good enough to warrant a download?

apps March 28, 2013

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