Mozilla Firefox Prepares Extra 'Do Not Track' Options

Mozilla's Firefox 21 beta aims to provide more user choices for the controversial 'Do Not Track' setting, offering a new approach to DNT implementation.

Firefox April 7, 2013

Mozilla Firefox 20.0 Now Available: Sports Per-Window Private Browsing, Seamless Download Manager

The new Mozilla Firefox 20.0 is now up for grabs, and it brings notable changes: a Chrome-like private browsing experience, a Safari-like download manager and new plug-in options.

Firefox April 3, 2013

Samsung Tizen Hardware Details Now Revealed: Could Be Available By September

Samsung executive talks about the first Tizen-based device and its availability.

Firefox March 16, 2013

Firefox Won't Come to iOS Unless Mozilla Can Use Own Rendering Engine

Firefox on iOS is a long way off from being reality, as Mozilla is hampered by not being able to use own code.

Firefox March 10, 2013

Adobe Issues Emergency Flash Updates As Hackers Target Firefox: Update Now!

Adobe issued emergency updates to patch three vulnerabilities in Flash Player.

Firefox February 27, 2013

Mozilla Announces Firefox Marketplace Details For Firefox OS

A platform is only as good as the apps available to run on it and Mozilla announced at Mobile World Congress that it will include the Firefox Marketplace when it releases its mobile operating system to partners.

Firefox February 25, 2013

FireFox Metro For Windows 8 Launched: Prepare For Bugs and More Bugs

Mozilla has been promising a Windows 8 Metro styled Firefox browser for a long time, now it seems the company is ready to own up to its words. Mozilla released a new build of it browser recently; this build follows the design of a Windows 8 app.

Firefox February 15, 2013

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