Hackers May Hack Into St. Jude’s Pacemakers & Defibrillators To Deliver Damaging Shock To The Heart, Warns Homeland Security

FDA’s investigation has confirmed the vulnerabilities that can be hacked and used to administer dangerous shock to a person’s heart, alter pacing and drastically deplete the implanted device’s battery.

hackers January 12, 2017

‘Watch Dogs 2' Review: Enjoyable Despite Major Problems

Even with the number of problems, 'Ubisoft's open world adventure game proves pleasurable to play.

hackers December 29, 2016

iOS 10 Jailbreak Update Reveals Security Issues And Vulnerability To Threats For The Apple OS

The latest OS from Apple recently underwent a new jailbreak from a hacker.

hackers June 27, 2016

Adobe Issues Emergency Flash Updates As Hackers Target Firefox: Update Now!

Adobe issued emergency updates to patch three vulnerabilities in Flash Player.

hackers February 27, 2013

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