HP Spectre x360 (2017) Specifications, Price & Other Details [VIDEO]

The 2017 version of the HP Spectre x360 boasts stylish looks, slim form factor, and a gorgeous 4K display. The high-end convertible laptop also offers speedy boot and load times.

HP April 5, 2017

The HP Curved Envy Review: A Gigantic 34-inch All-In-One Desktop, But Is It Worth The $1,700 Price Tag? See The Pros And Cons

See the review of the HP Curved Envy, a 34-inch all-in-one desktop.

HP February 20, 2017

HP Spectre: One Of The Best 2-in-1 Laptops Of 2017

The HP Spectre 13 laptop is probably one of the best options, sources claim.

HP February 14, 2017

OEM Software Update Tool Has Some Major Security Flaws; Five PC Companies Deeply Affected?

The preloaded OEM (original equipment manufacturers) software update tools on selected personal computers might cause serious problems to the security features of the desktops.

HP June 1, 2016

HP Stream Mini debuts at $180 as tiny, portable desktop

HP has unveiled a tiny new Windows desktop called the Stream Mini, offering good specs at a very affordable $180 price point.

HP January 5, 2015

HP Stream fanless laptop previously dubbed ‘Chromebook killer’ finally official, costs more than expected

HP has officially unveiled its new Stream laptop that was expected to launch as a 'Chromebook killer,' but the device costs notably more than previously thought.

HP September 9, 2014

HP’s new Chromebooks promise power and affordability: Specs, price, availability

HP has unveiled its latest Chromebook lineup, so here's what's in store with the new 11- and 14-inch Chrome OS notebooks.

HP September 8, 2014

HP SlateBook debuts as 14-inch ultra-thin Android laptop with NVIDIA Tegra 4 on board

HP has officially introduced its new SlateBook, an ultra-thin Android notebook with a 14-inch full HD display, and NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, and more.

HP June 2, 2014

HP 7 Plus quad-core Android tablet launches in U.S. for just $99.99

The HP 7 Plus Android tablet has hit commercial availability in the U.S. as well, selling for just $99.99.

HP May 20, 2014

HP 8 1401 Android tablet makes quiet launch, available now for $170

A new HP 8 1401 Android tablet has quietly appeared on the company's website, selling for $170.

HP March 7, 2014

HP Galaxy Note-like Android phablet to launch next week with 5.5-inch display for $200?

HP has long been rumored to be working on an Android smartphone and a new report now claims that a Galaxy Note-like HP phablet will launch next week for $200 unsubsidized.

HP January 11, 2014

HP Omni 10 quad-core Windows 8.1 tablet now on sale in the U.S.

The HP Omni 10 quad-core tablet running Windows 8.1 has become available for purchase in the U.S., sporting a $350 starting price.

HP December 17, 2013

HP Slate 8 Pro launches for $329.99 - Does it stand a chance against rivals?

HP has quietly launched its Tegra 4-powered Slate 8 Pro for $329.99, but it has some notable rivals on the smaller-sized tablet market.

HP November 28, 2013

HP launches Pavilion 10 TouchSmart Windows 8 mini notebook, its cheapest & lightest so far

HP has launched Pavilion 10 TouchSmart , a new Windows 8 mini notebook with a 10-inch touchscreen display.

HP November 20, 2013

HP SlateBook x2 launches with Tegra 4, Full HD screen, Android 4.2 & keyboard dock

HP has launched its new SlateBook x2 tablet, a high-end Tegra 4-powered slate with a Full HD display, keyboard dock, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and more.

HP August 1, 2013

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