Meet by Google Hangouts Video Conference iOS App Made Available on the App Store but Removed Almost Immediately

Meet by Google Hangouts is designed to be a business-oriented version keeping employees connected.

iOS March 2, 2017

USB Type-C Is Slowly Taking Over Numerous Smartphones & Devices: iOrange-E Having A Sale

USB Type-C ports are slowly dominating every smartphone today. Speaking of USB Type-C ports, iOrange-E is having its sale with USB Type-C cables.

iOS February 25, 2017

How Much Money Does It Take To Build A Mobile App Until The Release?

Creation of mobile apps take time, effort, and money to produce good results. The more complex a mobile app, the bigger the costs.

iOS February 24, 2017

The Powerful EasilyDo Email App Is Now Available For Android

Previously exclusive for iOS email app now available on Android.

iOS February 21, 2017

How To Turn The iPhone Camera Into A Magnifying Glass Using Its Hidden Mode

There is a hidden option in the iPhone Camera Settings that makes it as a handy magnifying glass.

iOS February 21, 2017

4 iPhone & iPad Apps Free: February Lineup Available For A Limited Time

Some of the best apps for iOS software are currently free.

iOS February 21, 2017

Apple Marks The Date For Its 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC): Could Be The Coming Of Another iOS Edition

Apple company sets the dates for its annual conference and may reveal some important information regarding of a new edition of the iOS.

iOS February 17, 2017

Android Controls Almost 82% Of Mobile OS Market, BlackBerry Is Virtually 0%

The use of Android OS has become more widespread as the operating system continues its dominance over the global OS market with a share of almost 82 percent.

iOS February 17, 2017

5 Apps For Entrepreneurs To Boost Sales & Keep Track On Things This 2017

These 5 apps for entrepreneurs will help them boost sales or assist them in their business in 2017. A great partner in business as some would say.

iOS February 16, 2017

'Super Mario Run' Gold Bowser Statue Now Available As Reward; Platinum Coins 101 & How To Get Gold Mario Statue

Nintendo has announced the Gold Bowser Statue's availability as a My Nintendo reward for "Super Mario Run."

iOS February 14, 2017

'Pokemon GO' Gen 2 Release Update and Features: Added Moves and Items Coming with Next Update; Could It Be Unveiled Next Month or July?

Improvements for "Pokemon GO" are anticipated by players when the Gen 2 update is released.

iOS February 10, 2017

FBI Launches Most Wanted App For iOS & Android To Track Fugitives; Get A Reward By Tipping-Off Criminals

Bounty hunters, security experts and even just conscious individuals have a new toy after the FBI launched its Most Wanted app to track down fugitives.

iOS February 9, 2017

4 Priced Game Apps Now Downloadable Free For A Limited Time For iPhones & iPads

There are four fun games that went free for iPhones and iPads. These "iOS game apps" have a limited time and players must download them free before they expire.

iOS February 9, 2017

'Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia' Reached 1 Million Downloads, Square Enix Gives 1000 Gems

Square Enix's "Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia" topped to 1 million downloads in Japan. A thousand gems are given in the game for players as a celebration.

iOS February 8, 2017

Reducing Food Waste With These 5 'Food Management Apps' For Your iOS & Android Phones

"Food management apps" help reduce the rate of food wastage around the world, which is one of the huge problems food companies are facing.

iOS February 8, 2017

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