WhatsApp Users Beware of Malware! Free Internet Data Offer A Scam

WhatsApp users are in danger of being scammed after swindlers designed a new modus using the messenger app.

malware January 17, 2017

Apple Blocks Older Versions Of Flash Player In Safari Over Security Risk Concerns

Not all users rush to update their software as soon as a new version is available but if Apple has any say, they will.

malware March 2, 2013

Apple Hacked By Hackers Who Hacked Facebook And Twitter

Apple has confirmed to Reuters that hackers infected Macs used by Apple employees. The hackers were the same hackers who used the same exploit to attack Facebook last month and Twitter on Feb. 1.

malware February 20, 2013

RuneScape Spiked With Trojan: 11-Year-Old Kid Writes Malware To Steal Passwords

There was a time when 11-year-olds used to ride bikes, do homework, and maybe watch some TV or play some games, nowadays they are apparently coding malware.

malware February 10, 2013

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