'PPAP' Composer PikoTaro Releases New Song 'I Like Orange Juice' [Video]

The famous singer/songwriter Pikotaro released a new song entitled "I like OJ (Orange Juice)" preceding his Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen (PPAP) song.

Music+ January 9, 2017

Ed Sheeran's New Music Album To Be Titled 'Divide'!

Ed Sheeran is dropping new music album on Friday. The album will be titled "Divide." Check this out for more details!

Music+ January 3, 2017

Sonos News: Alarms Go Off A Day Early; Music ‘Cannot Be Stopped Unless Disabled’

Sonos alarms are plagued with a bug that misreads leap year dates.

Music+ December 31, 2016

Exclusive Rights To Music Streaming Popularized In 2016

Sole rights to stream music online, who will benefit from it? What is in store for the future of the favored service of online music streaming.

Music+ December 26, 2016

Utada Hikaru's Involvement For The Upcoming Game Theme Music Of 'Kingdom Hearts III' Unofficial Yet

Utada Hikaru's father, Teruzane Utada, mentioned about her daughter will be involved in making the theme music for the upcoming game "Kingdom Hearts III" but updates that it is not yet official.

Music+ December 24, 2016

Spotify Seeks To Enter The Realm Of Video On Demand

Unable to rely on its music streaming service, Spotify now plans to compete with Netflix

Music+ March 26, 2013

Nokia Music+ Now Available in The U.S.

Just recently Nokia launched its premium Music+ service in Europe, now the Finnish giant has made available the service in the United States.

Music+ February 20, 2013

Nokia Music+ Live in UK For £4 Per Month

Nokia Music+ is up and running in full force for folks living in the UK, and it's only GBP 4 per month. At the moment, Nokia's offering is the cheapest when compared to Spotify and Microsoft's Xbox Music service that is built into every Windows Phone device.

Music+ February 15, 2013

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