President Barack Obama

Watch Ex-POTUS Barack Obama Dunk, Dime & Cross Over Other NBA Players In This 'NBA 2K17' Video

A YouTuber has recently created the former president's likeness to star in "NBA 2K17."

President Barack Obama February 10, 2017

Barack Obama Net Worth: Here’s How Much The Former President Will Earn After Leaving Office

Barack Obama has officially retired from his post giving way for the current US President Donald Trump. The real question which is popping up is How much is Barack Obama’s current net worth? The question makes sense especially now when he is officially unemployed.

President Barack Obama February 2, 2017

Obama To Hang Out In Google+ Hangout

No matter what your political background is, it's pretty safe to say the President Obama has been the most technologically savvy President in U.S. history. Today President Obama will participate in a virtual interview with Google+ Hangout.

President Barack Obama February 14, 2013

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