New 'Horizon Zero Dawn’ Update: Guerilla Games Talks About The New Trailer’s Facial Animation, No Loading Screens & More

Playing the new "Horizon Zero Dawn" with all its fine features, each encounter with the enemy will surely be an entertaining quest.

Sony February 23, 2017

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Gameplay: Protagonist Aloy Could Be Joined By Other Characters In The Future

“Horizon Zero Dawn’s” Aloy will always be a badass mainstay, though.

Sony February 22, 2017

PS4 & Xbox One S Bundle Deals For February 2017 is Here! $50 Savings Await Console Buyers This Week

Microsoft and Sony bring bundle deals to PS4 and Xbox One S this week. Gamers can take advantage of discounts to get the console and games like "Halo Wars 2" and "Uncharted 4" at low prices.

Sony February 20, 2017

PlayStation Plus Free Access For A Week; Here's How To Take Advantage of It

All owners are treated for a free of charge PlayStation Plus and it doesn't need any financial credentials to take part of it.

Sony February 19, 2017

PlayStation 5 Release Date, News & Updates: November 2020 Launch Predicted; Console To ‘Heavily Invest’ In 4K, VR

Sony is expected to delve deeper into 4K and VR technology for the PlayStation 5.

Sony February 19, 2017

‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ News: Two More New & Eye-Catching Trailers Go Live; Show Off Great Scenery, Combat & More [VIDEO]

“Horizon: Zero Dawn” two new trailers have gone live recently and it showcases not a fair amount of scenery, but also combat and a variety of weapons players can use.

Sony February 18, 2017

Sony Launches Intelligent Bricks That Is Similar To Lego Mindstorms EV3; Let Kids Build Robots

Sony Global Education launches on Saturday, Feb. 18, it's children learning kit called Koov.

Sony February 18, 2017

'Detroit Become Human' Latest News: Quantic Dream Finishes Motion Capture Recording

Recent information about "Detroit Become Human" reveals that Quantic Dream is wrapping up its Motion Capture recording.

Sony February 15, 2017

PS4 Firmware Update 4.50 Codename ‘Sasuke’: Full List Of Changes In Beta Revealed; Post GIF’s, USB Storage, More User-Friendly Quick Menu

This 4.50 firmware update brings additional improvements to make it even more accessible and surely enjoyable.

Sony February 10, 2017

PS4 Pro Boost Mode A Game Changer For Unpatched Titles; Performance Increased Up To 38% For Certain Games [VIDEO]

The PS4 Pro Boost Mode has the ability to boost performance by up to 38%. While it is only applicable on certain titles, gameplay videos reportedly show improvements that are pretty much noticeable.

Sony February 10, 2017

PSVR Update 2.40: Beta Testers Give Feedback On 3D Support; Sasuke Update To Improve Cinema Mode

PSVR update 2.40, as part of version 4.5, has significantly enhanced the performance of its cinematic mode.

Sony February 6, 2017

Blizzard Has Issues With Keyboard-And-Mouse Setups For 'Overwatch' Console Players

It seems like "Overwatch" console players who are using the keyboard and mouse are going to have issues with Blizzard as the latter prefers that they stay away from that gaming setup.

Sony February 6, 2017

PlayStation 5 Latest News: Sony Will 'Wait And See' What Happens With Microsoft's Project Scorpio; Console Could Launch In 2020 With 4K, Says Analyst

Sony will reportedly only release the PS5 after they see what happens with Microsoft's Project Scorpio.

Sony February 5, 2017

'The Last Guardian' Now Gets a Permanent Price Cut of $39.99; Available at Amazon, PlayStation Store, GameStop & Best Buy

"The Last Guardian" was released in December 2016 worldwide following its years of development.

Sony February 3, 2017

Sony Xperia X2 Specs and Release Updates: New Device Could Have Bigger Screen & Better Camera

The Sony Xperia X2 may soon be revealed by the brand by the end of this month in Spain.

Sony February 2, 2017

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