'Shenmue 3' Update: Game Director Hints At More Battles And Interactive UI

Yu Suzuki recently gave a small update on the third installment of the open-world game.

Windows July 8, 2016

Windows 10 Anniversary Update: Top 5 Changes Coming Including Microsoft Edge Upgrade, Ubuntu Bash; Full Details Here

The Windows 10 Anniversary update will bring in major changes to the operating system.

Windows June 30, 2016

Future Halo Games Will Be Released on Both Windows 10 and Xbox One

It looks like it will be possible for Halo to be released on both the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC's soon.

Windows May 26, 2016

Goodbye ‘Nokia’ and ‘Windows Phone,’ Microsoft has other plans

Microsoft has reportedly started phasing out the 'Nokia' and 'Windows Phone' names from products, aiming to replace them with 'Microsoft' and 'Windows' in future devices. The Lumia brand, however, will stick around.

Windows September 11, 2014

Microsoft Smart Watch on The Horizon: Will It Run Windows?

Reports are in about Microsoft's plans for a Smart Watch device, no word on if it runs the Windows operating system.

Windows April 15, 2013

The Diary Of A Fake Microsoft Support Call (VIDEO)

Jerome Segura, a security researcher from Malwarebytes, went one-on-one with fake Microsoft tech support.

Windows April 13, 2013

Windows Phone 8 GDR3 Update Bringing Support For More Apps On Start Screen

The next — and possibly final — update for Windows Phone 8 will bring changes to the Start Screen.

Windows April 12, 2013

Windows 8 PC Shipments Declined by 13.9 Percent in First Quarter 2013

Things are not looking so good for Windows 8, as PC shipments experienced a sharp decline in the first quarter.

Windows April 11, 2013

Microsoft: Windows XP Is Dead Come April 8, 2014, Upgrade Now

Microsoft issues a warning that Windows XP's death is close at hand, as support for the beloved 12-year-old OS will cease come 2014.

Windows April 9, 2013

Dropbox Desktop Client Updated: New Look, Improved Sharing And More

Dropbox has been bumped up and it looks pretty amazing.

Windows March 13, 2013

Xbox Live, Windows Azure Experience Extensive Outage

A number of Microsoft online services were suffering from outage problems.

Windows February 23, 2013

Windows Phone Blue Update Confirmed In Microsoft Job Posting

New Microsoft job listings indicate that a substantial "Blue" update for Windows Phone and Windows 8 is imminent, and will bring exciting improvements.

Windows February 17, 2013

Nokia Dominates Windows Phone Market With 78.13 Percent Share

The latest AdDuplex Windows Phone market share report is in, and the findings it contains are not in any way surprising. The data comes from 294 Windows Phone apps, and they all say the same thing: Nokia is in full control, with 78 percent share of the market.

Windows February 13, 2013

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