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NVIDIA 378.66 Driver Release Updates, Features and Notes: Game Ready Support Provided for 'Halo Wars 2,' 'For Honor' and 'Sniper Elite 4'

A new driver update from NVIDIA has introduced gameplay updates to help players enjoy faster and more exciting titles.

Windows 7 February 16, 2017

Windows 10 Dominates Steam Users’ PCs; Windows XP Still Competitive [VIDEO]

Steam’s gaming platform statistics data are out and it has shown Windows 10 as the main operating system that is mostly used by Steam users.

Windows 7 January 4, 2017

Steam Survey News: More Than Half Of Players Are Using Windows 10!

Windows 10 64-bit is at the top of the Steam Hardware and Software Survey as the most commonly used operating system by Steam users.

Windows 7 January 4, 2017

Windows 8 Now Fourth Most Popular Operating System Behind Windows Vista

Windows 8 market share is growing, but who cares when it sits behind the dead duck that is Windows Vista.

Windows 7 May 1, 2013

Video Messaging in Skype Now Possible on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Desktop

Finally, video messaging is a feature of Skype.

Windows 7 April 30, 2013

Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 10 To Windows 7 Users

IE 10 is finally available to users who haven't upgraded to Windows 8

Windows 7 February 26, 2013

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