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'Xboy' Handheld Cancelled Due To 'Lack Of Bandwidth,' Xbox 360 Almost Called Xbox 3, Says Former Chief

Microsoft previously considered dipping its hand into the handheld device race, according to previous Xbox chief Robbie Bach.

xbox 360 July 27, 2016

Xbox One Backward Compatibility Update: 'Sonic the Hedgehog 4,' 'Pac-Man Museum,' More New Games Coming? 227 Xbox 360 Titles, What We Know So Far

Xbox insider, dubbed as Ekim, claimed that eight Xbox 360 games will join the Xbox One's backwards compatibility list.

xbox 360 July 26, 2016

Netflix rolls out personalized profiles on iOS, Xbox 360, PS3, the web and connected devices

Netflix has rolled out personalized profiles on iOS, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles, its website and connected devices such as Apple TV.

xbox 360 August 2, 2013

Time Warner Cable to launch TV app for Xbox 360, bringing 300 channels

Time Warner Cable signed a 'landmark deal' with Microsoft, under which TWC will launch a live TV app to bring 300 channels to the Xbox 360.

xbox 360 June 30, 2013

Nintendo 3DS outsold Microsoft Xbox 360 in the U.S.

Nintendo 3DS is the top selling gaming device in the U.S., followed by the Xbox 360

xbox 360 June 19, 2013

Xbox Live Marketplace Content For The Month of May

May is a busy month for gamers: Xbox Live has quite a few new games to play and loads of new content.

xbox 360 May 7, 2013

Injustice: Gods Among Us - Review (Xbox 360)

Does Injustice: Gods Among Us do justice to the DC Universe? Find out in our review.

xbox 360 May 6, 2013

Always Online: 77 Million Xbox 360s Sold, 46 Million Xbox Live Subscribers

Microsoft's recent earning call shows Xbox 360 is still doing well, while Live subscribers continue to increase.

xbox 360 April 22, 2013

Xbox 720 Rumor: Full Backwards Compatibility, Windows 8 and Increased Processing Power

New Xbox 720 rumors claim of full backwards compatibility with 360 games, along with increased processing speed.

xbox 360 April 18, 2013

Xbox 720 to Cost $500, $99 Xbox 360 (Codenamed Stingray) In The Pipeline

Xbox 720 price, reveal date and new $99 Xbox 360 console leaked by Paul Thurrott

xbox 360 April 8, 2013

Microsoft Xbox 360 Does Not Infringe On Google Patents, Says Judge

Judge Shaw, who previously said the Xbox 360 infringed on Google patents, has somehow changed his tune after reviewing the case.

xbox 360 March 23, 2013

Dragon Age 3 Can Be A Great Game If It Stays Clear Of Dragon Age 2 Mistakes (Opinion)

Dragon Age Origins was a great game, but its successor fell short. Dragon Age 3 should steer clear of the same pitfalls.

xbox 360 March 20, 2013

Slacker Radio Streaming On Xbox 360 Via Xbox Live Gold

Slacker radio is now available on the Xbox 360, but there's a catch.

xbox 360 February 27, 2013

Nintendo Wii U Continues To Suffer In Gaming Market

The response and sales to Nintendo's Wii U are much lower than Nintendo and analysts were expecting and things only appear to be getting worse.,

xbox 360 February 18, 2013

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