AT&T relaunches Cricket Wireless prepaid service, complete with 4G LTE

19 May 2014, 7:18 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

After buying Cricket last year in a $1.19 billion deal, AT&T is now relaunching the prepaid service that now offers some attractive 4G deals.

For those unfamiliar with the deal, after AT&T's acquisition closed AIO and Cricket Wireless have joined forces to form the New Cricket Wireless, which now combines affordable no-contract prices with AIO's widespread 4G LTE.

In other words, Cricket's refresh comes with great news to customers. Under AT&T's wing, Cricket customers now get full access to AT&T's nationwide LTE coverage, while still enjoying the freedom the prepaid operator has to offer.

All of the new Cricket plans, regardless of their price, come with unlimited domestic messaging and calling, as well as unlimited international texting to 35 different countries.

For $40 per month ($35 after Auto Pay credit) you get 500 MB of data. At $50 per month ($45 after Auto Pay credit) you get 2.5 GB of data, and at $60 per month ($55 after Auto Pay credit) you get 5 GB of data.

Once you go over the amount of data available on the plan you chose, your speed will get stuck at 128 kbps until the next billing period. Customers interested in getting a feature phone, meanwhile, can choose a $25 per month talk and text plan that offers unlimited minutes and texts, but no data or MMS messages.

Moreover, Cricket is also offering some attractive group discounts for families or multiple users on one plan. More specifically, the operator will slash $10 off the price if you get a second line, $20 for a third, and $30 for a fourth or fifth line. With five eligible lines, that's a total of $90 in savings, which is quite appealing.

"Cricket Wireless gives you what you want, pure and simple. Our cheap, no annual contract cell phone plans feature unlimited talk, text, and data, fast 4G LTE speeds, and a reliable nationwide network. And since all prices include taxes and fees, you know exactly what you'll pay each month," Cricket touts on its website.

"With three prepaid cell phone plans to choose from and great add-on features, Cricket Wireless makes it easy for you to get a great device at a price that fits your life. To get started, select your preferred cell phone plan then choose your phone. If you prefer, you can also bring your own unlocked phone to the Cricket Network. It's the type of flexibility that sets us apart from others."

Meanwhile, as this acquisition is now finalized, AT&T will be ditching the AIO branding. It remains unclear what will happen to customers on AIO plans, but they will most likely become Cricket customers.

Lastly, it's worth pointing out that new Cricket customers can get a $50 rebate when purchasing a new device, which means that a Motorola Moto G, for instance, will cost just $100 with no strings attached.

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