Microsoft gives you $650 to ditch your MacBook Air for a Surface Pro 3

24 June 2014, 7:18 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

Microsoft wants you to ditch your MacBook Air and go for a Surface Pro 3 instead, and will even give you up to $650 to make the move.

When Microsoft decided to take on the tablet market, it had Apple's iPad and MacBook Air in sight. The company wanted to provide users with a better alternative and steer them away from Apple's products, but even after notable updates it still hasn't managed to dethrone iDevices. Microsoft is now trying another approach, and it's definitely not very subtle.

The company has just announced that it has a special treat in place for MacBook owners who want to try out its latest Surface Pro 3. More specifically, Microsoft is now allowing MacBook Air owners to walk into any Microsoft Store and trade in their iDevice for up to $650 in store credit, which they can put toward the purchase of a brand new Surface Pro 3.

For those unfamiliar with the product, the Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft's latest tablet and it aims to replace your laptop, giving you the best of both worlds. Launched last month with a spacious 12-inch screen, up to 512GB of internal storage capacity, a Surface Pen stylus and a slim keyboard cover that turns it into a laptop, the Surface Pro 3 is definitely the best tablet Microsoft has made so far.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 starts at $799, which means that those who trade in their MacBook Air and get maximum credit would only have to pay an extra $150 to get the latest powerhouse from Microsoft. This price, however, is for the base model of the Surface Pro 3, and those who want the same specs as the baseline MacBook Air will still have to shell out plenty of cash even with the trade-in.

As always with such programs, the trade-in value for a MacBook Air will depend on the condition of the device. The MacBook Air you want to trade in must power on and off, and the deal is off if the iDevice has suffered any water damage or has a cracked screen.

It's worth pointing out that this deal is only available at Microsoft Stores, and you can only apply the credit toward the purchase of a Surface Pro 3 tablet. This means that if you're looking to trade in a MacBook Air and get some other product from the Microsoft Store, such as an Xbox One or some other device, you're out of luck.

The deal is also available as a limited-time offer, set to expire on July 31, or "while supplies last," reads the fine print. Check out the full details of the deal on Microsoft's website at this link.

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