GoPro Hero5 And Karma Drone Review: Reasons Why To Get Them Now

21 September 2016, 7:40 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps
A GoPro Hero 4 camera is displayed at the 2015 International CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Jan. 6, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.   ( David Becker/Getty Images )

Now that consumers and fans of the brand are aware that the GoPro drone is a real thing in the form of the GoPro Karma Drone, all we have to do is wait for the actual release this coming October 26. It's the best time to learn about the drone's features compared to other brands to see if the price is justified.

Here are some of the standout features of the GoPro Karma Drone.

Ease Of Control

The Verge's hand's on of the product showed that the GoPro Karma Drone is fairly easy to control and feels almost similar to high-end products from other manufacturers.

It has an easy auto-takeoff and landing mode as well as "easy" flight mode if any user would like to make it even more easier that it already is. This is on top of other autonomous modes that are also incorporated to the drone, making it smarter than most in the market.

Tie-In With Other Popular Products

The GoPro Karma Drone works flawlessly with the GoPro Hero4 and GoPro Hero5 as indicated by the hands-on experience of PC Mag staff. This isn't simply mounting the camera and flying along with it because the camera itself can still be controlled through a remote control.


The GoPro Karma Drone is a feature-packed drone, but what really stands out is the control feature that it has 720p touch-screen display more reminiscent of a video-game rather than a wonky and something clunky experience from most drones.

It will be a huge competitor for the already out DJI Phantom 3 in terms of functionality, features, and controls.

The GoPro Karma Drone also has an easy "Return to Home" feature, automating the return of the drone once done recording footage or moving to a different place.

Priced at $799, the GoPro Karma Drone, along with GoPro Hero5, is definitely a Hollywood gear in a backpack.

Stay tuned for more news and update on GoPro5 and Karma Drone

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