iOS 10.0.1 Jailbreak Tool To Be Released Soon? Working Update Finally Created

23 September 2016, 7:46 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps
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For those who have been patiently waiting for the iOS 10 jailbreak tool, the iPhone 7 has been successfully jailbroken. However, there's no known release for the tool yet.

Just a few days after the official release of the iPhone 7 and the iOS 10, hackers already did an excellent job of jailbreaking the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system. This was after the initial release of iOS 10 where a hacker already managed to break through the system's security.

Even with the recent news of Apple making a surprisingly early patch to iOS 10, Italian genius Luca Todesco already found a way in. In a recent news, care of BGR, the researcher have already successfully cracked iOS 10.0.1 with Cydia version 1.1.26 installed. It is not, however, not shown if the jailbreak was untethered or not.

However, just like how it was with his previous works, Todesco never releases his jailbreak tool. There are no exceptions to the hackers approaches.

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As shown in the image above, the hacker already has the jailbreak status as well as Cydia running.

Even with the kernel patch protection, Todesco was able to make Cydia run without problems on iOS 10. The hacker was even able to get the Cydia Substrate and multiple substrate-based extensions for compatibility reasons.

Besides Todesco, Pangu and other jailbreak tool developers, others are also working on cracking Apple's latest mobile operating system though as history indicates, those who releases their tools are very rare.

One of the community's most reliable jailbreak tool creators, Pangu, is already hard at work as we speak, but expecting a jailbreak tool from the team too soon may be out of the question.

This is due to Apple's schedule of major iOS updates, which is due October. The Jailbreak too for iOS 10.1 may come out early or late November instead.

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