MacBook Pro, MacBook Air 2016 Update: Apple In Tough Spot With Intel To Give The Best Processor? Skylake Processors, Coffee Lake Chips, More

23 September 2016, 7:50 am EDT By AnishAsokan Mobile & Apps
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - MARCH 9: Apple CEO Tim Cook stands in front of an MacBook on display after an Apple special event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on March 9, 2015 in San Francisco, California. Apple Inc. announced the new MacBook as well as more details on the much anticipated Apple Watch, the tech giant's entry into the rapidly growing wearable technology segment as well (Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images)  ( Stephen Lam / Stringer )

With Fans waiting for the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air which are reportedly based on Intel's 6th -generation core Skylake processors, the future roadmaps for the processors from Intel raises doubts and concerns.With the recent leaks posted at AnandTech, questions on the future updates on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air have begun to gain momentum.

The main concerns are largely related to the performance of Intel's integrated graphics .Apple perhaps could be forced to make some strategic modifications on its graphics as Intel continues to provide greater emphasis on processing cores instead.

Currently, both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro run exclusively on integrated graphics bundled together with chips from Intel. Interestingly, the MacBook Pro has come with two versions since 2013: the lower end configuration with an only integrated graphics card and with the other version coming with a dedicated graphics chip for improved performance.

Apple laptops have placed significant importance to integrated graphics. Analysing at the future roadmap from Intel for chips beyond Skylake, it seems like the company has no plans for any improvements to integrated graphics. Even with the introduction of new Coffee Lake chips from Intel, the initial ones are not expected to be powerful enough for the needs of Apple's products.

What is not clear is the fact how Apple plans to confront the apparent high-end integrated graphics stagnation at Intel relating to the upcoming MacBook Pro.

It is possible that they could return to dedicated graphic chips for the MacBook Pro lineup. Another possibility lies with Intel, releasing some additional refresh Skylake chips with better CPU speed.The problem with this possibility is the extension and limits that can be achieved from the designs.

With the new chip in the iPhone7, Apple's demand could further challenge Intel's capabilities, as suggested on the Verge.

As seen in recent years, assumptions based on Intel roadmaps for Apple products might be a difficult task. One thing is for sure: Apple is definitely looking at plans for accelerating performance improvements, dealing with high end graphics, and in doing so remaining highly competitive in the market with its MacBook Series. Perhaps, switching to its own processors could be the next logical step for Apple.

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