Will Blizzard Finally Talk About 'Diablo 4'? Developer Releases 'Diablo 3' Schedule At BlizzCon 2016

14 October 2016, 8:08 am EDT By J Rose Mobile & Apps

Blizzard has released its "Diablo 3" schedule for BlizzCon 2016, giving fans a quick rundown on what to expect during the annual event.

In a recent blog in Battle.net, Blizzard has detailed its "Diablo" schedule for BlizzCon, starting with a "Diablo" 20th Anniversary Panel. Lead Designer Kevin Martens, Senior Game Designer Wyatt Cheng, Lead VFX Artist Julian Love, and Art Director John Mueller will be featured in the panel, and they will be looking back on "Diablo"'s twenty-year history.

The "Diablo" staff will also give fans an exclusive first look into "Diablo 3"'s upcoming content.

Lead Designer Kevin Martens, Senior Game Designer Wyatt Cheng, Senior Game Designer Adam Puhl, Senior Game Designer Joe Shely, and Senior Game Designer Travis Day will also hold a "Diablo 3" Dev Talk, detailing future content and features for the game. They will also be taking questions from eager fans about everything "Diablo".

Similar to last year's Slaughtered Calf Inn, Blizzard will also have a nook called "Darkmoon Faire," where the "Diablo" staff will be holding a mini panel-like chat about the series.

While the "Diablo" staff are eager to share their plans for "Diablo 3," fans are still asking one important question: What about "Diablo 4"?

Some "Diablo" fans have speculated that the rumored "Diablo 4" title will finally be announced at BlizzCon. This rumor has been circulating since late last year, and recently, Blizzard has announced a few job postings for an "unannounced Diablo project," adding fuel to the fire.

Blizzard then explained that the job vacancies, especially the one looking for a game director, were posted following the exit of "Diablo 3" game director Josh Mosqueira.

Whether it is a completely new title like "Diablo 4" or an HD remake of "Diablo 2," fans are sure to get exciting "Diablo" news soon. Meanwhile, all speculations must be taken with a grain of salt. BlizzCon 2016 will be happening on Nov. 4 and 5.  

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