'Gran Turismo Sport' vs 'NASCAR Heat Evolution': Games That May Get Game-Changing VR Features?

17 October 2016, 8:48 am EDT By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps

Providing great immersion to videogames of today like "DriveClub VR," virtual reality is best experienced on game simulations. Will racing games like "Gran Turismo Sport" or "NASCAR Heat Evolution" benefit on this?

With "DriveClub VR" getting less commendations that the original game without the virtual reality gimmick, players and gamers may be wondering how exactly VR should be implemented. While the technology was there, the shortcomings that came with it somewhat caused the experience to be less enjoyable on an aesthetic sense.

Fortunately for "Gran Turismo Sport," there's still a lot of time for the developers to tweak the game. While it may sound like bad news to some due to the delay, this gives the team more breathing room to possibly focus on a VR feature. The PlayStation VR was launched last week and what better exclusive game to take advantage of the new eye-candy?

Upload VR reported that just like how everybody had been joking about it not being a "Gran Turismo" game if it isn't delayed. Despite "DriveClub VR" being a bit less of what the development team have pictured, "Gran Turismo Sport" will be the best outlet to correct whichever mistakes they did.

On the other hand, "NASCAR Heat Evolution" may be a racer that may not benefit on VR according to a tweet from the official "NASCAR Heat Evolution" account as shown below when they replied to a tweeter user:

Still, some are hoping for a VR integration for the game, but given that there has been almost zero news about it, it would be safer to bet that the publishers and the developers aren't considering it that much.

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on VR games, "Gran Turismo Sport" and "NASCAR Heat Evolution."

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