iPhone 8 Release Date Set On 2017 With No More iPhone 7S? Design Rumored Similar To Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

19 October 2016, 7:33 am EDT By Ribhu . Mobile & Apps

Just a month has passed since the release of the iPhone 7 and speculations are already rife on the iPhone 8.

According PC Advisor UK, Apple may just skip the iPhone 7S, the next iPhone said to be released sometime in September 2017 and will be known as the iPhone or iPhone Pro. It is speculated that since 2017 marks the 10th year of the iPhone, it's possible that Apple might make the year's release a huge surprise.

The first iPhone - the iPhone 3G - was released in January 2007, and since then Apple has come a long way.

Reports on the new development of the iPhone 8 suggested that the company wants to embed the Touch ID sensors in the screen and OLED display, which has not been seen on any iPhone releases since 2007. An OLED display will make the new iPhone 8 much thinner similar to that of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The new iPhone is also expected to consume less power even when the brightness mode is high, with more effective contrast and colour reproduction.

This is not just the end; the rumour mill suggests the new iPhone might come in a ceramic body making it more classy and stylish.

Some also suggest that no specific changes would be made in iPhone 8, will be just similar to the iPhone 7 with just a little alteration in tactile sensation and shape.

Whatever the rumour says, it wouldn't be blasphemy to believe that Apple may pull out something different and showcase it on its much-awaited tenth anniversary.

The rumour mill continues to churn. Stay updated with us and we will keep on updating you with the latest news and rumours circulating the iPhone 8.

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