'Planet Coaster' Latest Update Fixes Bugs And Adds New Blueprints

29 November 2016, 7:38 am EST By C. de Lacy Mobile & Apps

One of the many free updates for "Planet Coaster" has been rolled out recently and it addresses a number of major and minor bugs plus provides additional content.

According to a recent report from PC Gamer, the game "Planet Coaster" finally gets its first free update for the park simulation. Frontier's update aims to fix a number of bugs in the game as well as include a number of new blueprints for use in the game.

These blueprints cover a number of shops and facilities plus scenery for all of the five parks. The update also brings in a number of new roller coasters of course, which adds more to the already nice amount of options from the initial release version of the game.

Another content that was added is the additional "harder" challenge mode. This ups the difficulty of the prior challenges making the game progression more fulfilling.

In terms of performance, a host of crash fixes as well as a number of stability improvements has been added in the update to make sure that the game will run as optimized as possible with a wide array of machine types.

The bug fixes addresses some issues where the GPU/CPU was still being strained even when minimized. The terrain editing also got some improvements as well as those that include water bodies.

There's also a "Quality of Life" improvement introduced which adds the following;

-QoL improvements

​-Coaster auto-avoid now ignores terrain when auto-tunnelling is selected

-Clicking a notification will now rotate the camera to focus on the affected facility/exit/entrance

-Height markers now appear when building downhill more often

-Community translations now support overriding the games font, allowing support for East Asian languages where characters were previously not included.

-Escape now exits the main menu

According to Frontier, there's another update waiting to be rolled out this coming December so fans can look forward to even more content for "Planet Coaster" in a few weeks.

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