NVidia GeForce Now Gaming Service Coming To PC & Mac In March

6 January 2017, 11:00 am EST By Cores Grace Malaay Mobile & Apps

NVidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced at CES 2017 the GeForce Now platform for PC and Mac, which allows gamers to access a cloud-based gaming service. Huang said that this is to give all PC gamers who want to play modern games but don't have modern graphics cards that their PCs can support.

"The idea here is to give all of those who want to play PC games but simply don't have the hardware to do so a way to easily play virtually any modern game on their computers - even if they are Macs," Huang said. According to Engadget, GeForce Now for PC is not a gaming subscription service but a server rental program where users should load up Steam, UPlay, Origin or other PC gaming providers and buy games straight from the distributor.

Users will then run the purchased game on NVidia's Grid servers via GeForce Now for a fee per hour, which becomes available in March for $25 for 20 hours of play and doesn't include the price of the games, according to Tech Crunch. Huang also added that they have worked on this project for a while now and the engineers have only found a method to have the service work fast enough with low latency.

Upon using the service, you will have to download a small client and installing as well as starting game only takes a few seconds, according to NVidia. Additionally, it is not clear whether the company will be hosting the service in its date centers, on AWS or in a different cloud computing platform.

Previously, the GeForce Now was only exclusive to NVidia's own Android-based Shield devices and with it coming to PC and Mac, which Huang described it as ‘basically a GeForce gaming PC on demand,' it should be perfect for those who are infrequent gamers, no access to a gaming PC or those who can't build one. It's not cheap though.

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