PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox Vs. Gaming PC in 2017: Taking eSports & VR in the Equation

6 January 2017, 8:49 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps

Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox shares one common denominator in 2016 - decline in console sales due to proliferation of PC. Make no mistake about it, 2016 is still a great year for consoles but it suffered a bit of drop. Fast forward to 2017 and that makes gaming community wonder if what lies ahead for the big three of console and gaming PC vice versa.

What could pose the biggest challenge for either PlayStation, Nintendo or Xbox are gaming PC. While it is given that pricing is problem with PC, it holds the advantage of power and flexibility that neither of the three can supplant. PC have been striking back at PlayStation and Xbox recently as well since games are now expanding their library.

Speaking about PC as a threat against PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox, ThisGenGaming suspects that eSports could be a determining factor. This socialized gaming system is almost exclusively done in PC due to easy streaming and interconnectivity of players.

Now looking a few years forward, virtual reality gaming is an emerging fad. This is where neither PlayStation, Nintendo nor Xbox can be left behind because VR games unleashes on full potential on PC.

Reverting the whole argument, the biggest advantage that console has over PC is price. While the best console will sell for under $500, a decent gaming PC can easily cost twice as much, LifeWire said. Further, consoles are usually selling with a couple of bundled games which makes life all colorful while planning for the next purchase.

Then the second advantage that PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox can throw in against PC is ease of use. Buy several parts to make a gaming PC but make sure to posses a bit of tinkering prowess as well. Console, on the other hand, is a simple plug and play device. Cap it with easier learning of game controls due to limited number of keys and a joystick, it adds up to PC's simplicity.

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