‘Pokemon GO’ Updates, Gameplay Changes & Features Everyone Wants To See In 2017

8 January 2017, 5:30 am EST By Ritwik Roy Mobile & Apps

The "Pokemon GO" New Year event ends on Sunday and now fans have started speculating once again on what lies ahead for Niantic and its game in 2017. Easy guess is Niantic may introduce more seasonal events, more Pokemon Plus stock and Legendary Pokemon. PvP battles are also expected. Players are also eagerly waiting for the full roster of Gen 2 Pokemon.

"Pokemon GO" is emerging to be ones of the greatest games in mobile gaming and Niantic would love to continue its dream run in 2017. It will make the most of it by releasing seasonal events that have been massive hits. A Valentine's Day event in February is very much possible. According to Express, these seasonal events help in reminding people what the game is all about.

The "Pokemon GO" events provide amazing bonuses and also the ability to capture various Pokemon missing from a player's Pokedex. New features and significant changes in gameplay are brought by with these events. The Gen 2 Pokemon update is Niantic's ultimate weapon for 2017 to bring back lost players and to get them hooked once again. A massive update introducing all the 100 Gen 2 Pokemon is anticipated.

Trading is another feature players desperately need as they want to clear up their Pokedexes of creatures that they no longer need but may be required by others. Game experts believe that proper "Pokemon GO" player-vs-player battles can transform the game. Fights against rarer Pokemon would really charge up trainers. Niantic is said to be working on the feature though it will take time to be released.

Moreover, Niantic must look into Pokemon Plus stock and make them readily available if it wants trainers to be inboard for a longer time. The "Pokemon GO" device is still not available. Of course, there are the Legendary Pokemon that everyone wants. Niantic is said to be holding back on the Legendaries till spring of 2017 as it wants the winter to pass.

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