Nintendo NES Classic Mini Hacks, Cracks: Players Install New Games

8 January 2017, 7:09 am EST By Rommel Mobile & Apps

Nintendo NES Classic Mini has been the talk of the town since its release last November. Now that more and more people got hold of their units when Nintendo released bulk of the units to retailers just before the holidays, it seems like more players are coming into the fold finding a way to hack and crack the console in order to add some of the games available to play for the system. Before, it was limited to only thirty, a Russian forum however, found a way to add ROMs for additional games.

One of the mods posted an outline on how to hack the Nintendo NES Classic Mini last Wednesday which required saving a file at the starter slot of Super Mario Brothers. However, no other modifications to the hardware was involved, enabling owners to possibly add ROMs of the old games to the hardware.

The said crack involves connecting the console to a PC, booting it in "FEL Mode" which used for programming devices employing USB to copy information from the gaming console to the PC and change the configuration using a tool developed by madmonkey, called "Hakchi." After doing so, hakchi overwrites the NES Classic Mini games including additional games. Check out the video below by ARCADERU showing the results. Games such as R.C. Pro-Am can now be played.

Nintendo NES Classic Mini Hacks, Improvements: The original hack was made soon after and it was cracked even further for a second version called "hakchi2." The latest version makes for a stringent, more streamlined process that does not require Super Mario Brothers save. It is a lot accessible. After connection between the console and the computer, ROMs are dragged and dropped to a roster of games and is then uploaded.

In the middle of things, the FEL mode runs and the program recognizes it. That is when the games are installed into the system. Everything is now "plug and play." Tetris, Chip'n'Dale, Duck Tales and Battletoads worked on the gaming console. The threat though is the virus that may be installed on the machines after the crack. 

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