'Clash Of Clans' Latest Event: 2X Star Bonus On January 9; Dragon Event Now Live

8 January 2017, 9:41 am EST By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

"Clash of Clans'' Dragon Event went live on January 7 and players can now take advantage of the rewards and discounts. Fans can look forward to January 10 next for another event dubbed as 2x Star Bonus Event.

Clashmas Event has just ended and Supercell is now brewing up its servers, as Dragon Event is now live. This "Clash of Clans" event involves players into assaults with three dragons in the army to win multiplayer battles. Players will get 300 XP and 30 gems for winning three consecutive attacks. For this event, training the Dragons is discounted from 25,000 Elixir to 2,500 only. Players are encouraged to gather up sufficient Elixirs for the Dragon Event. This event will last until Jan. 9.

Meanwhile, Supercell also announced in January 7 its upcoming event dubbed 2X Star Bonus. This "Clash of Clans" event will start on Tuesday, January 10. If you get a Star Bonus for getting five or more stars in a multiplayer battle, those loot earnings will apparently be doubled. This is especially beneficial for players in high-level leagues, which could give them a huge cache of winnings. As of this time, there is no specific date for the event 2X Star Bonus to conclude; perhaps it would last for about two days.

"Clash Of Clans" Winter Update brings together events to the game and it seems like Supercell is very serious about making these extra worthwhile for players. In the case of Dragons, it is a chance for armies to take out a troop that is not frequently used. Get your Rage Spells prepared, start farming Elixir and take out air targets.

Supercell has been giving players a series of treats through its special events as "Clash of Clans" turns five years old. Since it launched in August 2012, the game has evolved and has been launching events to keep its players engaged. Clash of Clans is reportedly the second top-grossing game on Google Play.

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