'Aquaman' Game Spotted at Eipix Entertainment Event Featuring Jason Momoa's Version

10 January 2017, 10:45 am EST By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano Mobile & Apps

The "Aquaman" movie is set hit theaters in 2018, but one more point of interest belongs to the game of the same title. Despite not having an official announcement yet, a photo that went viral recently implies that the game version is, indeed, in the works.

A recent post via Instagram from graphic designer Miso Zivanov showed an image of the video game simply labelled "Aquaman," which resembles that of Jason Momoa's titular character. It was over three weeks back when the Eipix Entertainment event took place and  the photo started to surface online.

The image features Aquaman underwater, seemingly at the lost city of Atlantis, alongside some sea creatures. Eipix Entertainment, an independent game developer, is known for its "point and click" mobile games. Its credentials include the likes of "Nom Nom," "Happy Land," "Spiny Core," "Vermillion Watch," "Free The Witch," among others.

The "Aquaman" movie is based off the DC comic book character of the same name, highlighting the adventures of Arthur Curry, the half-man, half-Atlantean hero with the power to speak and command among the water dwellers. Aquaman has been around the comic book universe since 1941, making his first appearance in "More Fun Comics" #73 and again in the new 52 edition "Aquaman #1" in 2011. Apart from the aforementioned traits he possesses, Aquaman is also competitive on dry land, donning super strength, nearly impenetrable skin and virtually inhabiting the underwater domain with ease.

Momoa's Aquaman portrayal first appeared ithrough a cameo in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," where he was seen through found footage by Lex Luthor. The next movie he is to star in will be "Justice League," which set to launch November 17, 2017. "Aquaman" will also have a standalone film by October 5, 2018, IMDB reports. No release date has been given yet for the upcoming game. 

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