Samsung Galaxy S8 News: Samsung's Virtual Assistant 'Bixby' Confirmed To Be On Board!

11 January 2017, 6:00 am EST By Niyati S. Mobile & Apps

It's already known that Samsung is developing a new virtual assistant. There were reports that the virtual assistant dubbed Samsung 'Bixby' would make a debut with the next flagship, possibly dubbed Samsung Galaxy S8. The news has some great credibility because Samsung 'Bixby' is now listed on Samsung's official website.

Samsung 'Bixby' is going to be included in Samsung's independent apps for Android. It will also be put to use in Samsung Pay Mini. What is Samsung Pay Mini? It is a lighter and a little cut-down version of the mobile payment system generated by the Korean company, Samsung. The payment system allows payments to be done for online transactions only. The full version of Samsung Pay supports both online transactions and offline transactions in physical stores supporting the method.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be hopefully debuting in April this year and the fans desperately await all that the smartphone is going to reveal with this launch. It was first thought that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be making its debut in the Mobile World Congress scheduled towards the end of February. However, an April release seems a little more feasible now.

Till date, Samsung has been refusing to comment on the inclusion of new and versatile features for Samsung Galaxy S8. However, this confirmation happened after the company accidentally displayed the Samsung "Bixby" feature on its official website. Selecting the menu bar in the updated Pay Beta build displayed two new options available on the platform: Mini and Bixby. Samsung has since removed the options, although screenshots are available on some websites. Keep watching MobileNApps for more updates and news about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

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