‘Overwatch’ Valentine's Day Event: Leaked Voice Lines Hint Possible Romance Between Genji And Mercy

11 January 2017, 10:21 am EST By Vinay Patel Mobile & Apps

Some hawk-eyed Reddit users have unraveled new voice lines that have been kept under wraps in the latest update to Overwatch's PTR (public test realm) suggesting that a new seasonal event for the hit first-person shooter could be just around the corner.

The alleged voice lines were discovered on the public test realm by a Reddit user known as akhanubis. The dialogue exchange takes place between the game's resident cyborg ninja Genji, his brother Hanzo and healer Mercy.

For those unaware, characters in "Overwatch" often interact with one another. One such interaction that raised quite a few eyebrows occurs between Mercy and Genji when one of the two gets injured. Although the aforesaid interactions are small and can hardly grab someone's attention, it shows that Blizzard has not been shying away from taking risks as far as the pairing is concerned.

For instance, the end of the holiday-themed "Reflections" comic gave fans a brief glimpse of how the full roster of "Overwatch" is having a ball during the holidays. Notably, the first panel shows Genji writing a letter, while in the last panel, Mercy seems to be reading it, Mic reported. Reddit user akhanubis simply added more fuel to the already burning rumor about Blizzard's plan to officially pair Mercy and Genji.

The voice lines are expected to play in the spawn room sometime around Valentine's Day i.e. February 14. In the voice lines, both characters give each other chocolates. In their first exchange, Mercy informs Genji that she has got some "Swiss" chocolates for him and Genji expresses his gratitude.

The exchange is reversed in the second interaction as Genji gets some chocolates for her this time, but much to her dismay they are not "Swiss." Mercy sighs dejectedly in response saying, "I suppose it will have to do."

While these leaks continue running rampant all over the internet, the huge fanbase of "Overwatch" have spoken up and a lot of players are not really excited about this new pairing.

What do you think about Mercy/Genji relationship? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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