DJI Mavic Pro Pre-Order Controversy: DJI Likely To Clear Past Orders Within New Shipment Schedule

11 January 2017, 12:11 pm EST By Pia Merci Mobile & Apps

DJI Mavic Pro is one of the controversial drones in 2016 considering that it was the talk of the town because of its great features.But most importantly, consumer's demand for it outnumbered its supply. This apparently is good news for DJI but not for the people who ordered and were not able to get the said drone on time and the company had troubles on shipping the drone which frustrated the customers.

Just a few weeks after its initial release, DJI has been exposed to some complaints from customers when it wasn't able to fulfill their own target shipment schedule. DJI allegedly accepted pre-orders for the drone but they were not able to ship them on time. Even though DJI faced an issue regarding all the pre-ordered drones' shipping, the company was able to acknowledge their own shortcoming which they were able to genuinely explain the reason for the said delay.

ETAs of DJI Mavic Pro were pushed back to up to eight weeks from order confirmation after the shipment controversy. Buyers will be able to see the drone's estimated shipping time of seven to ten business days upon buying, then having the order confirmation of the Mavic Pro from DJI's site. This seems to be a leap from the set shipment date during holidays and DJI gave the Mavic Pro a shorter shipping time this time.

Unfortunately, there are still apparently a few people who continue to question whether their ordered Mavic Pros will be actually shipped to them within the same time frame. DJI reportedly hasn't completed shipping all past orders of their customers.

Given that the new shipment schedule was just posted recently so the company might be able to clear all past orders before the said ten-day window finishes. DJI is expected to prioritize it previous buyers and hopefully, will be able to redeem itself from the shipment controversy.

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