Huawei 'Honor 6X': Offered for $200 Bargain Price!

11 January 2017, 12:00 pm EST By Rommel Mobile & Apps

"Honor 6X", the latest offering from Huawei is out and people cannot help but notice the beautiful China-made, low-cost Android phone. These days, these cheaper phones become even famous in the global market and it is interesting to note that it is getting a fanbase in the United States as well. In fact, their offer for bucks is most of the time beatable and they are frequently one of the best designed Smartphones out there.

When comparing with other mobile phones, Huawei's "Honor 6X" easily stands out, both on the interior and exterior. And with price range similar to the ones in the market, these Smartphones often get the respect of consumers in the Western World.

Huawei or ZTE is becoming more popular these days due to their discounts and great deals. Their solid bargain prices and flash sales for their newest and hottest products have been incredibly successful. Today, the company released another flash sale for the recently-expanded "Honor 6X" which can be grabbed for a price of $250 in Amazon, but if quick enough, one can get it for a little over than $50 less than its original price. Order it today and Huawei's most prized Smartphone can be acquired on their own American e-store.

However, the caveat is that the supplies of the said phone is super limited. Once the discount starts at 12 PM CST, it may be out of stock in just a few minutes. The trick is to go to and refresh it minutes before the opening. Those interested buyers should be very quick and are advised to get their minds ready as there is more to look forward to, an Honor 6X case will be given to the first 300 customers. On top of that, these lucky buyers will have Engine earphones and selfie sticks all for themselves - for free!

At a $250 price, the Huawei "Honor 6X" is already a Smartphone on bargain. What more if one can get it for $50 less? The Huawei phone has a large 5.5-inch full HD sharp display which runs on a powerful octa-core Kirin 655 processor. Multi-tasking friendly, the "Honor 6X" has 3GB RAM with 8MP selfie cam and 3,340 mAh batt. For $200, that is incredibly a good steal product. Here is a review of the product:

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