Microsoft To Address Windows 10 Privacy Issues With Creators Update; Web-Based Privacy Dashboard To Make Things Simple

11 January 2017, 12:10 pm EST By Ritwik Roy Mobile & Apps

Microsoft is looking to fix a lot of privacy issues with its upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. A lot of privacy concerns have been raised against Windows 10 in recent months with the latest coming from Electronic Frontier Foundation accusing the company of sending massive amounts of usage date back to the company with Windows 10. Microsoft is naturally shaken a bit and hopes to plug security loopholes with its next update.

Microsoft is coming up with a web-based privacy dashboard where it will show Microsoft account users all activity data including Cortana data, browsing, search and location data in a single view. The dashboard is already available and with time, Microsoft will add more categories and data and functionality. A user will also be able to clear all data. As already mentioned, Windows 10 has been accused of sending back data to Microsoft.

Clearly, Microsoft has started addressing these issues and more of it will be revealed once the Windows 10 Creators Update is made available in April. The diagnostic data collection levels are being simplified and the Creators Update will have the option to switch between basic and full data collection levels.

"We've been listening to your feedback and shared how we're protecting your privacy shortly after the launch of Windows 10.  We are continuing this commitment to make it as easy as possible for you to make informed choices about your privacy with Windows 10. With that in mind, in the Creators Update, we are making some changes by simplifying the privacy settings themselves and improving the way we present the privacy settings to you," states Windows blog.

Stay tuned on Mobile & Apps for more updates on Windows 10 privacy issues and upcoming Creators Update.

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