'Shiin' (Death Mark) Game For PS Vita Announced By Experience And Is 50 Percent Complete

12 January 2017, 4:40 am EST By Switchy Sam Mobile & Apps

Horror-adventure games set players' mood, especially when they are playing in a quiet space. The "Stranger of Sword Citydeveloper, Experience, is working on the game entitled "Shiin" or "Death Mark." It's a horror adventure in which folks are mysteriously marked, "literally like a birthmark," and "those who possess the 'mark' will die," according to Gematsu

"Death Mark" or "Shiin" revolves around the Tokyo metropolitan area's H City. In the game individuals who possess a strange mark engraved on their bodies are destined to die. Mystery shrouds the origin of the mark just like a birthmark when a baby is born. One day, those with the mark are invited to Kujou mansion, where they are told that there is a way to be saved from their curse. The player character is, of course, among those people with the mark on their bodies." When inside, those who have the mark should find a way to solve the curse of death. 

Facing death head on

On another post from Siliconera, facing death means a difficult escape. They are called "Strange" or "Kaii" and players must choose wisely to escape death with these ghastly beings. Of course, save points and saving the game before venturing in other areas is necessary because one wrong choice will end the game. Notably, "Death Mark"  is amost 50 percent complete. The game will be released in Japan in 2017 for PlayStation Vita. The same will be sold for for 4,800 yen (US $41). 

You can watch "Death Mark" game trailer below. Stay tuned to MobileNApps for more updates and information about the game.

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